Transformer Oil Insulating Tester

  • JY6611 Transformer oil insulating tester
JY6611 Transformer oil insulating tester

JY6611 Transformer oil insulating tester

  • Product description: 1. Accurate and good waveform output voltage 2. High testing precision 3. High strength oil testing cup 4. Complete protection system 6. Electromagnetic compatibility

JY6611 transformer oil voltage breakdown tester adopts completely new electromagnetic compatibility concept(EMC) which designed to avoid tester crash accident during testing, and also can still work well in high magnetic field.

JY6611 transformer oil tester use advanced  voltage breakdown control technology which will keep breakdown energy in a very low level,that will avoid pollution to oil sample during testing and make sure the test result are accurate and reliable.


1. Never crash:
JY6611 adopts electromagnetism compatibility(EMC) to avoid tester crash in test process. The instrument can work well in high-intensity electromagnetic environment

2. High precision:
JY6611 adopts completely new breakdown voltage control technology to make the breakdown discharge energy to the lowest,which avoid oil sample pollution during test process and make test results reliable and accurate.

3. New type oil cup:
JY6611 oil cup is made by new material with high strength and long service life to avoid fragile and leakage problem during testing.

4. Complete protection system:
JY6611 has a variety of  protection devices which will make sure the safety of operator and tester itself in accident

like inferior oil beakdown  and empty cup breakdown.

High performance of MPU (microprocessor) can provide high precise data and fast calculation.

Oil test cup made from advanced material which is high intensity with long working life.

LCD screen provide clear display for all tested value.

Thermosensitive printer provide fast and clear tested value printing.

JY6611 supply RS485 and USB interface for data transmission.

We supply a infrared temperature measuring gun with tester for free!


Output voltage 0~80kV/100kV
Minimum resolution 0.1 kV
Accuracy 2%×read±0.2kV
Voltage raise speed 1.0/2.0/3.0kV/s
Breakdown disconnecting time ≤1ms
Experimental times 1~6
Volume of the oil cup 400ml: 200ml
Distance between the poles 2.5mm(Electrode gap is adjustable)
Temperature in operation 0~40℃

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