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  • 6691 Transformer Demagnetization Analyzer
6691 Transformer Demagnetization Analyzer

6691 Transformer Demagnetization Analyzer

  • magnetism residual rate test
  • Built-in degaussing matrix
  • linear analysis method
  • Product description: 1.Magnetism residual rate test 2.Built-in degaussing matrix 3. linear analysis method

The analyzer is working by applying ±90V voltage on the winding of the transformer demagnetized and get the voltage value on the terminal and the current value in the winding to draw the hysteresis characteristic curve. This method can be used for linear quantitative analysis of residual magnetism in transformers, and fast demagnetization can be achieved by tracking hysteresis curves. The analyzer can measure magnetism residual rate before and after demagnetization. For transformers with three phase star connection and delta connection, different demagnetization connections can be formed through internal matrix switching to realize the whole demagnetization of the transformer. For different transformers, it only requires to input the voltage level, rated capacity and connection mode of the transformer. The speed and effect of demagnetization are obviously better than that of DC commutation attenuation method, and have the function of measuring the residual magnetic which is not available in traditional methods.

Function Introduction

● The analyzer can carry the residual magnetism of the transformer out quantification by linear analysis method

●The analyzer can measure magnetism residual rate before and after demagnetization.

●Built in degaussing matrix, one time of wiring can achieve the corresponding degaussing circuit to any vector connection of single phase and three-phase transformers.

●The data of demagnetization can be printed out.

● The function of protecting the power source when the output is overloaded.

●With AC380V misconnection protection function.

Output voltage


Output current


Residual magnetic rate (%)

residual magnetic flux×100/saturation magnetic flux

Demagnetizing effect


Min. resolution


Operation power

AC220V±10%, 50 Hz±1Hz

Operation environment

-2040℃,80%RH, no dew


L320mm * W275mm * H140mm