What Causes Overheating During the Use of a Live Device

In actual use, if the live equipment overheats, it may be caused by the following points.

1. Insulation damage or long-term overvoltage, eddy current loss and hysteresis loss will cause the transformer and motor core to heat up and be prone to overheating.

2, Poor heat dissipation All kinds of electrical equipment generally have certain heat dissipation or ventilation measures. If these measures are broken, it can cause the device to overheat.

3, Poor contact wire joints are not firmly connected, poor contact, copper and aluminum joints electrolytic corrosion will lead to overheating.

4, Overload design When the choice of wires and equipment is unreasonable or the current load exceeds the rated value, the equipment will be overloaded and heated.

5, Electric lights, electric furnace direct use of heat, if improper installation or use, may also overheat. If electrical equipment overheats the conductor for the above or other reasons and heats the surrounding combustible materials or objects, it may cause a fire.

6, The short-circuit current in the line generally increases several times to dozens of times, quickly generating a lot of heat. Heat can immediately burn through the insulating layer of the conductor; If it heats the surrounding combustibles, it will cause combustion. A short circuit is caused by the loss of insulation capacity of the equipment insulation due to aging or high temperature, humidity or corrosion, or the mechanical damage of the insulation layer by the electrical equipment during installation. In addition, lightning strike overvoltage breakdown of insulation and wiring errors, shell collisions, etc. can cause short-circuit failures.

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