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The Advanced Functions of JYT-A Turns Ratio Tester

A new range of turn ratio tester is available in a variety of models that you can choose according to your choice and requirement. JYT-A turns ratio tester is one of them that function introductions are the following.

1. JYT-A turns ratio tester can measure value of turn ratio and join groups visually and come with fast test speed.
2. JYT-A turns ratio tester is completed with all three-phase testing in a few seconds
3. JYT-A turns ratio tester can test transformer in Z shape joint and CVT transformation ratio testing

JYT-A turns ratio tester comes with permanent clock and date display function along with high and low voltage transformer protection function, data storage function and protection function from transformer short circuit and inter-turn short circuit. Not to mention the function of current display that can judge the short circuit among circle. They come with 160V/10V output voltage switch, two output voltage that can test transformer with low rated voltage and large no-lead current.