Transformer Performance Tester

  • JYW6600 Transformer Loss and Capacity Tester
JYW6600 Transformer Loss and Capacity Tester

JYW6600 Transformer Loss and Capacity Tester

  • Product description: The new instrument designed for the bad electricity users, who escape the basic electricity fee and private increase the capacity, is a high precision instrument, which is specially used to measure th

JYW6600 Transformer Loss and Capacity Tester

The new instrument designed for the bad electricity users, who escape the basic electricity fee and private increase the capacity, is a high precision instrument, which is specially used to measure the transformer capacity and characteristic parameters.

Function Introduction

●it can measure many kinds of distribution transformers and substation power transformers on site without additional power supply. It is more convenient and quick to detect.

●Patented large current and short wiring design is very convenient for short low voltage terminals and aluminum bus on site. The operation is safe and simple.

●Combined with external power supply, voltage regulator, voltage increasing, current increasing and other equipment, the data of transformer characteristics such as no-load current, no-load loss, impedance voltage, load loss and so on can be measured.

●All test results are automatically corrected. Only input parameters (temperature, no-load correction coefficient, etc.), the instrument can automatically adjust such as: waveform distortion correction, temperature correction, non rated voltage correction, non rated voltage correction, non rated current correction, so that the accuracy of the measurement results is higher.

●In the transformer characteristic measurement, the maximum voltage range can reach 750V, the current can reach 100A, and the interior is equipped with a protective circuit. When measuring, the measuring accuracy can be guaranteed without shifting the range position, and there is no need to worry about burning the instrument because of the wrong selection of rang position.

●When the transformer characteristics are measured, the range of voltage and current can be extended very flexibly and easily. It only needs to be connected simply with external the external voltage transformer and current transformer, which greatly widens the measuring range of the instrument.

●Using 5.7 inch large screen, high brightness color LCD screen, all English menu, a very friendly human-computer dialogue interface, wide temperature, brightness adjustable LCD screen, can adapt to different temperature.

●The standard USB communication interface (a lot of backward manufacturers' products also use 232 serial interface) to facilitate data uploading and analysis between computers.

●According to the no load loss and load loss in the test results, the performance level of three-phase oil immersed distribution transformer and substation transformer can be automatically estimated, it can be used as a reference for the staff in the field.

The internal power output range


Current: 0~10A

Characteristic measuring power input range


Current: 0~100A

The measuring accurate of voltage and current


The measuring accurate of the power

±0.5%(cosΦ>0.1), ±1.0%(0.02Φ≤0.1)

Operation Temperature


Charger power supply

Grid power AC160V~265V

Insulation degree

(1) The insulation resistance of the voltage and current input point to the case 100MΩ

(2) Power input point to case withstand powerfrequency 2kV (effective value) for 1 minute.



Net Weight