Transformer Winding Resistance Tester

  • JYR20S/10S Winding resistance tester
JYR20S/10S Winding resistance tester

JYR20S/10S Winding resistance tester

  • Product description: 1. Automatic magnetic assist. 2. Three channels simultaneous testing. 3. Yn/D(Y) three phase winding measurement phase by phase. 4. Temperature conversion.

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DC winding resistance testing is regarded as another essential routine screening tool. It indicates problems such as loose, defective or incorrect connections, which cause enough transformer failures each year to be regarded as a failure category of its own. Winding resistance tests may also reveal problems with a transformer’s tap changer (s), on-load (OLTC) and/ or de-energized (DETC) – a major and, by some statistics – leading, component category that fails in transformers.


1.Automatic magnetic assist.
2.Three channels simultaneous testing..
3.Yn/D(Y) three phase winding measurement phase by phase.
4.Temperature conversion.


1. Testing lines are connected to the transformer in one trial, without resetting testing line during testing process.

2. Adopting simultaneous testing of three phases when Yn type is tested, and calculate balance rate of resistance of three phases automatically.

3. Under Yn/D(Y)type can be tested phase by phase, and calculate balance rate of resistance of three phases automatically, it solves the problem that the      leading wire resistance of neutral point can not be measured
Apply automatic magnetic assist for testing low voltage when testing large capacity YnD11 transformer (with magnetic assist box inside).

4. Large screen display, humanized operation, printing with USB and 485 communication interface.

5. Protection function from misconnection 380V power, power off and back EMF, discharging indication is clear.





Output current

0 ~ 10A

0 ~ 20A

Text range




Minimum resolution


Power supply in operation

AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz

Temperature in operation


Relative humidity

≤80%RH, No forming dew


Length 410mm  Width 330mm  Height 200mm

Net weight

10 kg


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