Transformer Performance Tester

  • JYW6100 Transformer No-loads and On-loads tester
JYW6100 Transformer No-loads and On-loads tester

JYW6100 Transformer No-loads and On-loads tester

  • Ensures the measurement accuracy under the low power factor.
  • Exclusive automatic data locking technology.
  • Two watt meter and three watt meter measurement methods.
  • 8 inch color LCD, intelligent touch-screen
  • Product description: JYW6100 is suitable for loss testing of low power factory transformer such as amorphous alloy transformer, with high precision and data locked automatically.

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JYW6100/6100 (A) Transformer No-load and Load Characteristics Tester

JYW6100 is widely used in transformer, amorphous alloy transformer, generator, fan motor industries. The instrument ensures the measurement accuracy under the low power factor. Its exclusive automatic data locking technology with the characteristics of accurate data locking and no manual intervention, makes the work efficiency increased by more than ten times.

Function Introduction

●The instrument can measure no load loss, load loss, no load current, load current, impedance voltage, zero sequence impedance, line voltage, phase voltage, voltage effective value and average value, average value of three-phase voltage, current value, power, power factor, frequency, 30 square harmonic wave analysis and so on.

●Two watt meter and three watt meter measurement methods.

● Tracking and Locking the data automatically.

●Data storage, data printing, data export to U disk.

●RS485 communication interface, through which the instrument can be operated by computer.

●8 inch color LCD screen, intelligent touch operation.




JYW6100 (A)

Voltage measuring range


Current measuring range





0.1%±0.005V (Frequency 4070Hz)

0.5%±0.005V (Frequency 70200Hz)


0.1%±0.0002A (Frequency 4070Hz)

0.5%±0.0002A (Frequency 70200Hz)


P×0.1%±(U×I×0.02%)±0.05W (P is the power reading, U is the voltage effective reading, I is the current effective reading).

Operation power

AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz

Operation temperature


Relative humidity

80%RH, no dew




Net weight



High performance of MPU (microprocessor) can provide high precise data and fast calculation:

LCD touching screen provide clear display for all tested value.

Thermosensitive printer provide fast and clear tested value printing.

JYR series winding resistance tester supply RS485 and USB interface for data transmission.

Testing clips are made from pure copper with punch forming , the surface is nickel plating, the handle is insulating, the testing clip is safe, easy handling and well connection.

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