Transformer Temperature Rising Tester

  • JYR-20E Temperature rising winding resistance tester - 副本
JYR-20E Temperature rising winding resistance tester - 副本

JYR-20E Temperature rising winding resistance tester - 副本

  • Product description: 1. Suitable for all transformers below 240MVA voltage winding resistance testing. 2. Printing temperature rising data automatically. 3. With double power supply, can test high voltage side and low v

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The function of magnetic assistant matrix and option matrix is added to the instrument on the base of JYR DC Resistance Tester (20D)、(40D,), the wiring is simplified, the magnetic assistant and option items can be finished by one time of wiring. The demagnetization function is added, and the residual magnetism of transformer after contentment is reduced. The DC resistance measuring range is extended from the original 0~130Ω to 0~40kΩ. The instrument also can measure the resistance of the transformers and instrument transformer with high resistance, realize one instrument with multiple usages.

Function Introduction

● It is suitable for DC resistance test and temperature rise test of 240MVA and below transformers.

● With the third constant current source technology, the measuring rang is from 0 to 40kΩ.

● Operated by touching the colorful screen, the operation is more simple.

● The two channels can be tested simultaneously.

● With function of magnetic assistant matrix and option matrix

● With the function of residual magnetism.

● The accuracy is improved, the minimum resolution can reach 0.01µΩ.

● The interval time during the temperature rise test is 10s, 30s and 60s for option.

● Automatic print timing.

● The data can be stored automatically and timing.

● The U disc interface make the data can be exported to the computer for forming the temperature rise curve.

● With the RS485 communication interface, the instrument can be operated by the computer.

● With the temperature rise test software, the data can be processed automatically.

● With the anti-arcing protection function for the inductive tested products.

● With AC380V mis-connection protection function.

● With the discharging alarm by sound and the discharging indicating clearly function.





Output current

20A, 10A, 3A, 1A, 0.3A, 25mA

40A, 20A, 10A, 3A, 1A, 0.3A, 25mA







Min. Resolution



Output voltage


Timing of temperature rising

10s, 30s, 60s for option

Operation power

AC220V±10%, 50 Hz±1Hz

Operation temperature


Relative humidity

≤80%RH, no dew


L445mm * W370mm * H210mm

Net weight


High performance of MPU (microprocessor) can provide high precise data and fast calculation:

The main operation interface for temperature rising testing:

Temperature rising curve: