Partial Discharge Tester

  • GTPD-92A Partial discharge tester
GTPD-92A Partial discharge tester

GTPD-92A Partial discharge tester

  • High frequency current and ultrasonic testing
  • live detection for transformer and Cable
  • HFCT & ultrasonic sensor
  • Precise Positioning to discharge point
  • Product description: With high frequency current and ultrasonic testing Handheld type easy carry live detection for transformer and Cable HFCT & ultrasonic sensor Strong anti-interference

GTPD-92A patrol high frequency partial discharge tester is a new type of instrument combined HFCT sensor detecting and ultrasonic sensor detecting. According to the characteristics of live inspection, two kinds of detection methods of high-frequency current and ultrasonic wave are adopted. It can conduct live detection of cables and transformers (reactors).

Functions and Feature

1. GTPD-92A parital discharge tester with small size, light weight, easy to carry and convenient for field use.

2. Strong anti-interference ability, excellent performance and easy operation.

3. Combining the HFCT sensor and ultrasonic sensor (contact type) detection methods together, it can detect the live transformers (reactors) partial discharge phenomenon.

4. Combining HFCT sensor, ultrasonic sensor and glass fiber, the live cable partial discharge can be detected.

5. HFCT measurement adopts waveform mode, statistical mode (peak chart, PRPD chart, HRPS chart), pulse mode.

6. Ultrasonic (US) measurement adopts waveform mode, continuous mode and phase mode.

7. Time domain waveform multi-wave display mode can accurately judge the interference and discharge.

8. The software provides an expert waveform library and an intelligent diagnosis system to accurately determine partial discharge types.

9. By measuring the pressure of the ultrasonic signal to speculate the discharge intensity, the partial discharge position can be accurately determined.

10. With data preservation function, data can be reviewed.

11. The inspection data can be exported to the computer through SD card or U disk, so as to complete report.

Main Instrument


One HFCT, one US

Trigger mode

Internal synchronization, external synchronization and optical synchronization

Sampling accuracy

12 bit

Technical characteristics

Sensor type



Detection bandwidth



Transmission impedance

5mV/mA (10MHz)

Output impedance









Hard ware


4.3 inch TFT true color LCD display, resolution: 480X272


SD card, standard 16G, maximum support 32G


Headphone jack, DC charger input port, LED indicator, RS232 port, USB synchronous port USB2.0, RJ45 network port, SD card slot

Working power

Battery powered (16.8V lithium battery), normal working time is about 7 hours, charging time is about 5 hours.




0.85kg excluding the sensors