JY6611 Transformer oil breakdown voltage tester

JY6611 Transformer oil breakdo

1. Accurate and good waveform output voltage 2. High testing precision 3. High...

JYR20S/10S Winding resistance tester

JYR20S/10S Winding resistance

1. Automatic magnetic assist. 2. Three channels simultaneous testing. 3. Yn/D(...

JYT-A Transformer turns ratio tester

JYT-A Transformer turns ratio

JYT-A turns ratio tester has fast testing speed, all three-phase test finished i...

JYR9310 Winding resistance meter

JYR9310 Winding resistance met

1. Portable type with 6 switch output currency selection 2. Auto temerature con...

JYR-50B/40B/20B Winding resistance tester

JYR-50B/40B/20B Winding resist

JYR50B series tester use third generation constant-current power supply, high ef...

JYR-10C/05C Winding resistance tester

JYR-10C/05C Winding resistance

Suitable for all power and distribution transformer below 110KV, wide measuring ...

JYT- F Transformer turns ratio tester

JYT- F Transformer turns ratio

With 8 testing poles for transformer manufactures, also equipped RS485 communica...

JYR-80100 Winding resistance tester

JYR-80100 Winding resistance t

1. Adapt to the temperature rise and winding resistance testing for above 240MVA...


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