Contacts Resistance Tester

  • JYL Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance Tester
JYL Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance Tester

JYL Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance Tester

  • suitable for switchgear and HV circuit breaker contact resiatnce testing
  • built-in lithium battery test 500 times by one charge
  • can be used in 1000kV substations
  • 100A output current
  • Product description: HV Circuit breaker,transformer bushing,welding joints,bus-bar joints, relay and switchgear contact resistance testing

As a high current passes through a pair of mechanically independent metallic contacts, the contact resistance must be as low as possible. An increase in contact resistance can lead to additional degradation. So we need to make regular measurements of the dynamic and static contact resistance of the contacts to ensure that the contacts being tested are in good contact.

JYL Contact resistance tester is a new generation of micro-resistance tester based on IEEE C57.09-1999(5.15). With built-in lithium battery, no AC power supply, especially suitable for field use. JYL can satisfy the measurement of micro resistance such as high-voltage switchgear contacts, circuit breaker contacts, transformer bushing joints, GIS cabinet, bus-bar joints, cable connection,welding joints,relay metal contact resistance and so on.


1. Bluetooth communication function.

2. The output current is upto 100A.

3. Test contact resisstance rang:0.1 µΩ to 5mΩ

4. JYL's shell has the function of insulation, sealing, anticreep, anti-wind, and anti-sand.

5. Anti-power frequency interference.

6. 5.6 inch color touch screen. The instrument can be used both indoor and outdoor.

7. With the function of monitoring and protecting the Battery power and the temperature of the instrument.

8.Flash disk interface for exporting data.

9.With data storage function,it can store 100 sets of data.

10.With function of automatic shutdown: shutdown without operation exceeding 5 minutes.

13. Built-in lithium battery(12V/5.2AH,Charging time is about 3 hours using special charger JS-042203(DC4.2V/2A*3 sets)), not need AC power supply, so JYL contact resistance tester is suitable for field contact resistance testing.

Technical specification:

Output current



Test range




±(reading*0.5% ± 1μΩ)

Current accuracy


Minimum resolution


Output voltage

about 2.0V

Testing Time

quick10 S20 S30 S40 S50 S60 S (optional)

Testing times

>500 times (100A “quick” mode with 10 mΩ load by one charge)

resistance of special test cable


Temperature in operation

-20 ~40

Relative humidity

80%, No dew


L210mm x W150mm x H70mm

Net weight

1.9 kg