Contacts Resistance Tester

  • JYK II Circuit Breaker Analyzer
JYK II Circuit Breaker Analyzer

JYK II Circuit Breaker Analyzer

  • Circuit Breaker timing test
  • CB timing test
  • switching characteristic test
  • Used for SF6 switchgear, GIS combination of electrical, vacuum switch, oil switch and column switches, contacts and so on
  • Product description: Circuit Breaker Analyzer,CB Analyzer,Circuit Breaker timing test,CB timing test

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Function Introduction

•Instrument IPC architecture for domestic production of all models of metal contacts SF6 switchgear, GIS combination of electrical, vacuum switch, oil switch and column switches, contacts and so on.
•Sensor: Acceleration speed sensor, rotation speed sensor, linear stroke sensorinstallation is very easy and simple.
•Trigger: The trigger, external trigger, the sensor is triggered. Sensor can trigger the circuit breaker manually switching characteristic test, such as a manual column pole division switch.
•Host big screen, straight-through, wide temperate backlit LCD, contrast electronic adjustment. Perfect full Chinese menu prompts, switch action once all the data and waveform display maps.
•Host can store 100 groups live points, closing test results, real-time clock inside, easy to archive storage test date and time.
•Instrument has a powerful data analysis capabilities, to the circuit breaker parameters of the mechanical properties of the indicators for effective analysis. Built-in fast micro-printer, print all data and maps The instrument has automatic discharge circuit and over voltage protection circuit.

Service condition

Input power

220V±10% 50Hz±10%

Atmospheric pressure

86~106kpa ℃




<80%RH no dew


Insulation resistance


Dielectric strength

1.5KV power on the chassis power frequency withstand voltage for 1 minute, no flashover and arcing.

Basic parameters


Range: 64000.0ms,
≤ 0.1%read± 0.1
Resolution: 0.1ms


Range: 20.00m/s,

resolution 0.01m/s
error ≤ 1%read ± 0.1


Vacuum Circuit Breaker: range-50.0mm; resolution-0.1mm; error-≤1read±1mm
SF6 Circuit Breaker:  range-300.0mm; resolution-0.1mm; error-
Curcuit breaker: range-800.0mm; resolution-0.1mm; error-≤1read±1mm

Coil Current

Range: 30.00A; resolution: 0.01A; error ≤ 1% read± 1

Output power

DC0 ~ 270V digital adjustable / 20A ; Resolution 1V;  error ≤ 1%read± 0.5


340mm (L) × 240mm (W) × 210mm (H)