Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

  • JYT-F  turn ratio tester
JYT-F  turn ratio tester

JYT-F turn ratio tester

  • ICE standard
  • MPU control
  • Precise test result
  • LCD touching screen
  • Product description: 8 testing poles for transformer manufactures, also equipped RS485 communication interface and U flash disk memory interface. Wide test range up to 0.9-3000.

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When thinking about power transformer testing, transformer turn ratio testing(TTR) ranks number one in the routine maintenance testing for most engineers. Turn ratio testing provides a good starting point for transformer diagnostics.



JYT-F Turn ratio tester

Figures on display

5 Five figure

Output voltage



Auto (DC battery)

Test range

0.9 -10000

0.9 - 500

0.9 - 5000



0.1% ±2 Character


0.1% ±2 Character


0.1% ±2 Character


0.2% ±2 Character


0.3% ±2 Character


0.3% ±2 Character


0.3% ±2Character

Minimum resolution


Rechargeable lithium battery

Power supply in operation


Test storied data

50 Groups

Temperature in operation


Relative humidity

≤80%RH,  No forming dew

Volume / Weight

Length 395mm Width 240mm Height 250mm / 6 kgs


1. Fit for distribution transformer to 1000kV transformer

2. JYT-F transformer turn ratio tester has wide test turn ratio range,: up to 0.9-10000.

3. Fast test speed, finishing three-phase test in 9 seconds.

4. Easy find short-circuit among winding by electric current testing function

5. Can test CT, PT,CVT and Z connection of transformers.

6. With blind-test function for testing turn ratio and connection group type of power transformer. 7.Time,date and data saved automatically as power failure.

8. JYT-F transformer turn ratio tester equipped with 480 groups data stored, Large screen display, printing with thermal printer inside, with RS485 communication interface and U flash disk memory interface

9. Protection function from transformer short-circuit, turn-to-turn short-circuit , high-low voltage reverse and mis-connection to 380V voltage.

JYT-F transformer turn ratio tester is a professional testing equipment which is suitable for transformer manufacture, transformer service industry, substation maintenance, power transformer /distribution transformer maintenance company and other transformer testing field, Kingrun series turn ratio testers have reliable capability, accurate testing results and long working life, JYT-F transformer turn ratio tester was selected by SIEMENS and ABB transformer manufacture and transformer service companies.


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