Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

  • Turns Ratio(TTR) Tester JYT-F---Kingrun Instrument
Turns Ratio(TTR) Tester JYT-F---Kingrun Instrument

Turns Ratio(TTR) Tester JYT-F---Kingrun Instrument

  • Original Japanese NEC integrated chip with 0.1% accuracy
  • Advanced MPU Control System
  • For CT/PT and Z Connection Transformer
  • Built-in Lithium Battery with Long Working Time
  • Product description: JYT-F turns ratio tester kit with 8 testing poles for transformer manufactures, also equipped RS485 communication interface and U flash disk memory interface. Wide test range up to 0.9-10000.

Why is transformer turn ratio(TTR) test necessary?

Power transformer turns ratio test is an AC low voltage test which determines the ratio of the high voltage winding to all other windings at no-load. The turns ratio test is performed on all taps of every winding.

The transformer turns ratio(TTR) test is one of the fundamental transformer routine tests declared by both IEC 60076-1 and IEEE C57.12.90. The transformation ratio test of the transformer is a test to verify whether the transformer can achieve the specified voltage conversion effect and whether the transformation ratio conforms to the technical conditions of the transformer or the value specified on the nameplate. The purpose is to check whether the number of turns of each winding, the assembly of lead wires, and the indication position of the tap changer meet the requirements; The parallel operation of small and medium-sized transformers with a ratio difference of 1% will generate a circulating current of 10% of the rated current in the transformer windings, which will greatly increase the loss of the transformer and be detrimental to the operation of the transformer.

JYT-F turn ratio tester Demo Video:

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JYT-F Technology Specification:



Figures on display

5 Five figure

Output voltage



Auto (DC battery)

Test range

0.9 -10000

0.9 - 500

0.9 - 5000



0.1% ±2 Character


0.1% ±2 Character


0.1% ±2 Character


0.2% ±2 Character

150-       500

0.3% ±2 Character


0.3% ±2 Character


0.3% ±2Character

Minimum resolution


Rechargeable lithium battery

Power supply in operation


Test storied data

50 Groups

Temperature in operation


Relative humidity

≤80%RH,  No forming dew

Volume / Weight

Length 395mm Width 240mm Height 250mm / 6 kgs

JYT-F turn ratio tester interface and turns ratio testing result:

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JYT-F turns ratio tester Function:

1. Fit for distribution transformer to 1000kV transformer

2. JYT-F transformer turn ratio tester has wide test turn ratio range up to 0.9-10000.

3. Fast test speed, finishing three-phase test in 6 seconds.

4. Easy find short-circuit among winding by electric current testing function

5. Can test CT, PT,CVT and Z connection of transformers.

6. With blind-test function for testing turn ratio and connection group type of power transformer.

7. Time,date and data saved automatically as power failure.

8. JYT-F  equipped with 480 groups data stored, Large screen display, printing with thermal printer inside, with RS485 communication interface and U flash disk memory interface

9. Protection function from transformer short-circuit, turn-to-turn short-circuit , high-low voltage reverse and mis-connection to 380V voltage.

JYT-F  turn ratio tester is a professional testing equipment which is suitable for transformer manufacture, transformer service industry, substation maintenance, power transformer /distribution transformer maintenance company and other transformer testing field, Kingrun series turn ratio testers have reliable capability, accurate testing results and long working life, it was selected by SIEMENS and ABB transformer manufacture and transformer service companies.

JYT-F Transformer Turns Ratio Testing Connection:

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JYT-F select series NEC Microprocessor to make sure high testing accuracy.

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<a href= target='_blank'>turn ratio tester</a>

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