Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

  • JYT-A turn ratio tester
JYT-A turn ratio tester

JYT-A turn ratio tester

  • Fast test speed
  • IEC standard
  • 160V/10V output voltage
  • Z shape joint test
  • Product description: 6 test poles with fast testing speed, all three-phase test finished in 10 seconds, Z shape joint transformer testing, CVT transformation ratio measurement, wtih 160V,10V output voltage.

When thinking about transformer testing, TTR ranks number one in the routine maintenance testing for most engineers.  It provides a good starting point for transformer diagnostics, in that it tests that the transformer is doing what it is supposed to do.


● Can visual measure value of turn ratio and joint groups.
● Fast test speed, complete all three-phase testing in 10 seconds.
● Can test transformer in Z shape joint.
● CVT transformation ratio testing.
● Permanent clock& date display function, data storage function, high and low voltage transformer protection function, protection function from transformer short  circuit and interturn short circuit
● The function of current display can judge the short circuit among circle

● With 160V/10V output voltage switch, two output voltage can test transformer with low rated voltage and large no-load current.

JYT-A Power transformer turn ratio tester is a professional testing equipment which is suitable for transformer service industry, substation maintenance, power transformer /distribution transformer maintenance company, 3 phase transformer testing, and other transformer testing field, Kingrun series TTR tester such as JYT-A and JYT-F tester has reliable capability and accurate testing result selected by SIEMENS and ABB transformer manufacture and transformer service companies.

Advantage of JYT-A turn ratio tester:

1. High performance of MPU (microprocessor) can provide high precise data and fast calculation.

2. LCD screen provide clear display for all tested value.

3. Thermosensitive printer provide fast and clear tested value printing.

4. JYT-A turn ratio tester supply RS485 and USB interface for data transmission.

JYT-A Turn ratio tester's testing clips are made from pure copper with punch forming , the surface is nickel plating, the handle is insulating, the testing clip is safe, easy handling and well connection (13Meters).


Figures on display 5 Five figure
Output voltage AC160V AV10V
Test range 0.9-5000 0.9-200
Accuracy <500 0.1%±2 Character

500-2000 0.2%±2 Character ≤200 0.1%±2 Character
>2000 0.3%±2Character

Minimum resolution 0.0001
Power supply in operation AC220V±10%,50Hz±1Hz
Test storied data 50 Groups
Temperature in operation -20~40℃
Relative humidity ≤80%RH,  No forming dew
Volume Length 395mm Width 240mm Height 250mm
Net weight 6 kg

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