Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

  • Turns Ratio Tester (JYT-A)  ---Kingrun Instrument
Turns Ratio Tester (JYT-A)  ---Kingrun Instrument

Turns Ratio Tester (JYT-A) ---Kingrun Instrument

  • Can test neutral point by 8 test poles
  • Following IEC International Standard by 0.1% Acurracy
  • 5kgs Only and Easy Carrying
  • Minimum resolution:0.0001
  • Product description: JYT A transformer turns ratio tester (TTR tester),8 test poles with fast testing speed, all three-phase test finished in 10 seconds, test the ratio from distribution transformer to power transformers,

In the production process of semi-finished and finished power transformers, before the newly installed transformers are put into operation, the transformers are required to undergo turns ratio or voltage ratio tests. The operation of the traditional turns ratio bridge is cumbersome, the reading is not intuitive, and the necessary conversion is required,the test can only be carried out in a single phase, and the work efficiency is low. The JYT A turns ratio tester series overcomes the shortcomings of traditional turns ratio bridge testing. The screen adopts a large-screen color LCD screen, Chinese/English menu prompt, simple and intuitive operation, complete the three-phase turns ratio test at one time, the test speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and the protection function is perfect. The instrument generates a highly stable test power supply to avoid the influence of the external power supply on the test data. JYT A turns ratio tester series provides two power supply methods: AC 100-240V and internal lithium battery, which is convenient for users to use in different scenarios.


1.The interface adopts intelligent touch mode, which is simple and convenient to operate.

2.High stability sine wave power supply, the test voltage is automatically adjusted according to the load.

3.The test data is accurate when the generator is powered,if the quality of the power supply in the field is poor.

4.The test speed is fast.The three-phase turns ratio test can be completed in one wiring, which only takes 10 seconds.

5.CT, PT, CVT and Z-connection transformers can be tested.

6.It is suitable for ratio measurement from distribution transformers to 1000KV transformers, current transformers (CT), voltage transformers (PT) and Z-type connection transformers.

7.A variety of short circuit measurement methods are set inside, which is more convenient for fault judgment.

8.No power-off clock and date display, 200 sets of data can be saved in the machine, and the power-down data will not be lost.

9.Large color LCD display, clear and easy to read data. RS485 communication interface and U disk storage interface.

10.The instrument has the function of high and low voltage reverse connection protection, and has the function of transformer short circuit and inter-turn short circuit protection.

11.Bluetooth communication function(optional).

Power supply

JYT-A TTR provides two power supply modes, AC model uses AC100~240V 50/60HZ, DC model has built-in lithium battery.

JYT-A Transformer Turns Ratio Testing Connection:

JYT-A Specification:

Display digits

5 bits

Output voltage


(AC power supply)


(AC power supply).

Max 160V

(DC power supply)

Test Range

















Minimum resolution


power supply


lithium battery

Test data storage

200 sets

Operating temperature


relative humidity

≤ 80%, non-condensing


285 mm * 218 mm * 158 mm

net weight


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