JYT Portable transformer turn ratio tester

JYT Portable transformer turn

Portable transformer turn ratio tester,transformer turn ratio tester,TTR tester...

JYL Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance Tester

JYL Circuit Breaker Contact Re

HV Circuit breaker,transformer bushing,welding joints,bus-bar joints, relay and...

JYT-A turn ratio tester

JYT-A turn ratio tester

6 test poles with fast testing speed, all three-phase test finished in 10 second...

Portable DC winding resistance tester JYR9310

Portable DC winding resistance

1. Portable type with 6 switch output currency selection 2. Auto temerature con...

JY6611 Oil breakdown voltage(BDV) tester

JY6611 Oil breakdown voltage(B

1. Accurate and good waveform output voltage 2. High testing precision 3. High...

JYT-F  turn ratio tester

JYT-F turn ratio tester

8 testing poles for transformer manufactures, also equipped RS485 communication...

automatic oil tan delta tester and volume resistance tester

automatic oil tan delta tester

Highly automatic, temperature rise, dielectric loss measurement and resistance m...

JYC  Dielectric Tan Delta( Dissipation Factor) tester

JYC Dielectric Tan Delta( Dis

JYC has anti interference fuction by frequency conversion during direlectric tan...


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