Portable transformer turns ratio tester JYT | Kingrun

Portable transformer turns rat

This webpage introduces Kingrun portable transformer ratio tester called JYT. Th...

Handheld Contact Resistance Tester(100A) JYL | Kingrun

Handheld Contact Resistance Te

Max.output current can reach to 100A, so it is suitable for contact resistance t...

Turns Ratio Tester  JYT-A (Classic Model)

Turns Ratio Tester JYT-A (Cla

JYT A transformer turns ratio tester (TTR tester),8 test poles with fast testing...

DC Winding Resistance Tester ---Kingrun Instrument

DC Winding Resistance Tester -

KRI9310 adopt Kelvin four-wire testing method, it can measure very low resistanc...

Insulating Oil Breakdown Voltage(BDV) Tester JY6611 | Kingrun

Insulating Oil Breakdown Volta

1. Accurate and good waveform output voltage 2. High testing precision 3. High...

Turns Ratio(TTR) Tester JYT-F---Kingrun Instrument

Turns Ratio(TTR) Tester JYT-F-

JYT-F turns ratio tester kit with 8 testing poles for transformer manufactures,...

Handheld Winding Resistance Tester JYR10S (10A)

Handheld Winding Resistance Te

1.Test range 0-100KΩ. 2.Built-in lithium battery. 3.automatic phase change. 4...

JYR40S/50S Three-phase Winding Resistance Tester

JYR40S/50S Three-phase Winding

Adopting the third generation constant current source technology, the maximum ou...


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