Transformer Winding Resistance Tester

  • Portable DC winding resistance tester KRI 9310
Portable DC winding resistance tester KRI 9310

Portable DC winding resistance tester KRI 9310

  • Product description: 1. Portable type with 6 switch output currency selection 2. Auto temerature conversion function for standard temperature resistance. 3. Test material selection(copper/aluminum) 4. Temerature tes

KRI 9310 Handheld winding resistance tester is not only suitable for the inductive tested products, such as distribution transformer, mutual inductor, reactor(CT/PT/VT), motor winding,electromagnetic operating mechanism, etc, but also suitable for the resistive tested products, (such as wire, switch contact, relay contact) etc. Each KRI 9310 will through ILAC.MAR calibration test processing before delivery.

Demo video:

KRI 9310 Wide application test range:

The resistance values of the dry type transformer and amorphous alloy transformer are extremely low because the low voltage coil is wounded with the cooper foil. KRI 9310 DC transformer winding resistance tester can be able to increases the current to 20A, so as to solve the problem of low value resistance measurement. For the tested products with high resistance value ( such as transformer, etc), the instrument can extend the range to 20kΩ

The power of instrument is the built-in rechargeable lithium battery. The advanced power management technology supports the instrument to measure hundreds of transformer by one time charging.


KRI 9310 is suitable for small distribution transformer (below 80KVA)
KRI 9310 is provided with the temperature conversion function. By selecting test sample material(copper/aluminum) and temperature from tester, the instrument can be able to automatically convert them to the resistance values under the standard temperature (20℃,75℃,120℃).

KRI 9310 is provided with the data storage function, 500 groups of experimental data can be stored within the instrument. also KRI 9310 has USB interface, the data can be down load to flash disc.


Tester type

KRI 9310

Scope of application







Test range









Minimum resolution


Built in battery

11.1V ; Capacity:4500mmAh

Standard conversion temp.


Temperature test range

-99.9~199.9℃ ; Accuracy: ±0.5% (JYR9311 only)

Volume / weight

Length 155mm Width 210mm Height 68mm /1.66kg

KRI 9310 select series NEC Microprocessor to make sure high testing accuracy

CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE FROM ILAC.MRA(The world's most stringent calibration testing agency)

Testing sites of JYR-9310 transformer winding resistance tester:

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