Transformer Winding Resistance Tester

  • JYR-10C/05C DC Winding Resistance Tester(10A)
JYR-10C/05C DC Winding Resistance Tester(10A)

JYR-10C/05C DC Winding Resistance Tester(10A)

  • Resistance Test Range:0.1μΩ ~100KΩ
  • Max.Output Current: 5A/10A
  • Can Test all Resistance below 110kV
  • Touch Screen; Built-in lithium Battery; with 485,USB,Printer,
  • Product description: Suitable for all power and distribution transformer below 132KV, wide measuring range of 0-100k Ω, high output voltage up to 24V, 100 sets of data storage and temperature automatic conversion.

JYR-05/10C DC winding resistance tester Demo Video:

Why DC Winding Resistance Testing of Transformers is Needed?
DC winding resistance testing is considered another essential routine screening tool. It represents issues such as loose, defective or incorrect connections that cause enough transformer failures each year to be considered a failure category of its own. Winding resistance testing may also reveal problems with transformer tap-changers, on-load (OLTC) and/or de-energization (DETC) – the main category of components that fail in transformers, which according to some statistics leads the way .

DC winding resistance testing is regarded as an essential routine item for transformer testing, it indicates problems such as winding loose, defective or incorrect connections, which cause enough transformer failures each year to be regarded as a failure category of its own. Winding resistance tests may also reveal problems with a transformer’s tap changer (s), on-load (OLTC) and/ or de-energized (DETC) – a major and, by some statistics – leading, component category that fails in transformers.

JYR-05/10C DC winding resistance tester Function Introduction:

● The testing range is 0Ω100kΩ; With automatic temperature switching function.

● The Max. output current is 5A/10A, such current output can test all inductive DC resistance below 110kv.

● The Max. output voltage is 24V, that will make sure the high testing speed.

● With DC and AC switch which will be suitable for all inductive load measurements such as transformer, PT, CT, etc.

● Equippted with permanent calendar, 100 sets of data can be stored, temperature automatic converting function, the data will not be loosen as power failure.

With large color touch screen, the data is clear and easy to read.

With RS485 communication interface for PC control.

With U disk storage interface for exporting datas and thermal printer for printing.

● With the anti-arcing protection function for the inductive tested products.

● With AC380V misconnection protection function to avoid the damage by incorrect operation.

● With the discharging alarm by sound and the discharging indicating clearly.

● With inner set high efficiency power source, no fan can avoid the dusts coming in which can increased the life time.





Output current

10A,3A,1A, 300mA,100mA,20mA; Auto

5A、2.5A、100mA、 <10mA

Test range






Minimum resolution


Power supply in operation

AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz

Temperature in operation


Relative humidity

≤80%RH, No forming dew


Length 395mm  Width 240mm  Height 250mm

Net weight

7 kg

Application range

Suitable for all levels of inductive resistance measurements of 132kV and below

JYR-10C  transformer DC winding resistance tester is a professional testing equipment which is suitable for transformer service industry, substation maintenance, power transformer rewinding service, power transformer /distribution transformer maintenance company, 3 phase transformer testing, and other transformer testing field, Kingrun series winding resistance tester such as JYR-10C, JYR-20W,JYR-50C, JYR-9310 and JYR-20S testers which have reliable capability and accurate testing result selected by SIEMENS and ABB transformer manufacture and transformer service companies.


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