Partial Discharge Tester

  • TPD8F Partial discharge integrative analysis system
TPD8F Partial discharge integrative analysis system

TPD8F Partial discharge integrative analysis system

  • Partial discharge amplitude
  • Partial discharge pulse number
  • identification discharging type
  • Automatic positioning function
  • Product description: Partial discharge amplitude partial discharge pulse number Automatic positioning function

The instrument supports four acquisition modes: real-time detection mode, single detection mode, continuous monitoring mode and on-line monitoring mode. The instrument can display the basic characteristic parameters such as amplitude, energy, phase, discharge frequency and power frequency of partial discharge signal and their changing trend. The instrument can display two- dimensional chart ( ɸ-q chart, ɸ-n chart and q- n chart ) of partial discharge signal, three- dimensional chart ( ɸ-q-n chart ) of partial discharge signal, including PRPD chart and PRPS chart. The chart can be scaled and rotated, and also support video playback function.

  1. It can display the trend chart of partial discharge amplitude, partial discharge energy and partial discharge pulse               number in the selected time period.

2. Recording and displaying the original waveform of partial discharge pulse signal.

3. The original pulse waveform can be displayed by clicking on the corresponding points on the PRPD spectrum. The computer version software has the function of three-dimensional pulse clustering chart The first half-time and full-time characteristics of partial discharge pulse waveform can be automatically calculated and recorded, and all pulses can be displayed in the three-dimensional pulse clustering chart of "first half-time wavelength"-"full-time wavelength"-"power frequency phase". The separation of partial discharge-noise signal and multi- partial discharge source signal can be realized.

4.  It has the function of identification discharging type. It can accurately judge the typical discharging types of free metal particles discharge, suspended potential body discharge, surface discharge, air gap discharge inner the insulation material, metal tip discharge in GIS/GIL. The probability of occurrence of various discharge types can be clearly given by statistical method. The accuracy is not less than 80%.

5. Automatic positioning function. When the signals of one or more partial discharge sources are detected simultaneously by any two sensors connected, the position of each discharge source can be calculated automatically and displayed simultaneously without manual intervention, the position can be within a ball whose diameter is less than 50 centimeters.

6. It has the function of short-time on-line detection. The instrument can detect the electrical equipment continuously without the computer and keep the monitoring data in the memory, the memory can save not less than 7 days' monitoring data.

7. The system has the function of automatic upgrade based on Internet, and can provide new version upgrade information to users.

Main instrument





UHF Channel


HFCT channel


Sampling frequency


Sampling accuracy


UHF filter

300MHz-1500MHz, 300MHZ-950MHz,

650MHz-950MHZ, 1000-1500MHz

UHF sampling frequency rang


HFCT sampling frequency range


Signal detection sensitivity


dynamic range


positioning accuracy


Battery working time


Synchronization mode

Internal synchronization, Wireless external



Detection bandwidth


Transmission impedance

>5mV/mA (10MHz)

Output impedance


Output mode

Standard N terminal

Transmission mode

Coaxial cable

Detection sensitivity


Measurement range


Measurement error





Detection bandwidth


Output mode

Standard N terminal

Transmission mode

Coaxial cable

Detection sensitivity


Measurement error


Hardware interface

USB 3.0, External synchronization interface, External synchronization input interface, Power interface, Four channel interfaces, Grounding wire interface


Working ambient temperature


Storage ambient temperature



<80% (non-condensing)