Indonesia Power-Gen Asia Show Summary

Kingrun successfully participated in the 73rd Power Show (Power-Gen) held in Jakarta, Indonesia from September 18th to September 21st, 2018. The exhibition was hosted by the world-renowned energy organization Penn-Well Group. The region's outstanding power generation, solar power and transmission and distribution industry professionals and events, Southeast Asia's major power and energy departments and the main responsible for the power companies attended the exhibition.

During the three-day exhibition, Kingrun's most advanced and latest transformer test equipment, including JYTF transformer turn ratio tester, JYR9310 portable winding resistance tester, JYR-40S winding resistance tester, was demonstrated to the audience. The excellent performance and accurate test results of the Kingrun series transformer testers were widely recognized by the audience and experts. JYT-F transformer turn ratio tester has been purchased by nine local Indonesian transformer manufacturers and substation maintenance companies for its stable performance and simple operation interface. JYR9310 is characterized by its easy portability, wide application and high current output, representing the direction of the future DC resistance tester, the samples of JYR9310 are also directly purchased by customers from the exhibition.

During the exhibition, Kingrun signed purchase contracts with seven Indonesia Customers.