KRI transformer testers do needful job for HITACHI

Congratulations!Hitachi SEM receives order for around 5,600 distribution transformers from Myanmar

Hitachi SEM,has received orders for the delivery of approximately 5,600 distribution transformers from the Myanmar Ministry of Electricity and Energy.

The total amount of the orders is equivalent to approximately $10.64 M.

Demand for electric power in Myanmar has been increasing rapidly because of economic development in recent years, and the establishment of power infrastructure to support this demand is now a major issue. The Myanmar government has set a medium- to the long-term goal of increasing its electrification rate, from less than 50 % (in 2018) to 100 % by 2030. As one aspect of this initiative, in September 2015, the government formulated the "Myanmar National Electrification Project (NEP)". For the first bidding on equipment for the NEP, Hitachi SEM delivered approximately 5,400 distribution transformers. In the second bidding, Hitachi SEM won the order for approximately 5,600 distribution transformers, making the total approximately 11,000 units.

Hitachi SEM will start production of the distribution transformers within this year and is planning to deliver all units by the end of 2020, contributing to the improvement of the electrification rate in Myanmar.

As the long-term transformer tester supplier of Hitachi Myanmar, KINGRUN will continue to supply transformer testers,including winding resistance testers,turns ratio testers,will do more needful job for HITACHI in the future!