Efficient method to save energy of power transformer

Energy source in our country is more and more short, air pollution is more and more serious, which forwards higher requirement on energy saving of the power transformer. Loss measurement of the transformer at low power factor always makes the whole industry confused for many years, therefore it is only solved through procurement from foreign country at high price.

Data at rated parameters shall be read out during no load testing of the transformer, traditional manual voltage regulation and data reading way costs waste time and labour, which are also inaccurate.

Our company has researched the instrument JYW 6100 power factor tester,Transformer Performance Tester,Transformer No-loads and On-loads tester,under strong support of National Science and Technology Fund after difficult investigation for many years. This high technology product with own intelligent property not only reaches international advanced level for precision measurement at low power factor, its innovative data automatic locking technology is characterized with accurate locking, no artificial interference, which can improve working efficiency tens times.

The instrument applies 8.0 inch colourful liquid crystal display screen and the intelligent touching control technology, operation is more convenient.

Performance of the instrument is excellent, which is extensively applied in motor and air fan etc industries.

Function characteristics:

1     Measure no load loss, load loss, average value of voltage effective value, current effective value, impedance voltage, zero sequence impedance, power factor, harmonic and frequency etc parameters.

2     With three voltage testing channels and three independent current testing channels, which are in accordance with three phase power testing.

3     Meet with power measurement of the non-metallic alloy and large power transformer etc testing product with low power factor.

4     Automatically trap and accurately lock testing data.

5     Compare to similar foreign instrument, measurement scope can be switched automatically within whole current testing scope; it is not necessary to replace the current measurement module.

6     Input transformer parameter, synchronously display conversion data.

7     Suitable to power measurement of the motor and air fan etc at same time.

8     Meet with voltage and current measurement of 150Hz and 200Hz induction voltage withstand test.

9     Harmonic analysis function.

10   8.0 inch colourful liquid crystal display screen, intelligent touching control technology and operation is simple.

11    The instrument has data storage, export of U disc, data printing and computer control function.

Demo video of JYW6100: Transformer No-load and Load Characteristics Tester