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Know about JYT series transformer turn ratio tester

Transformer turns ratio tester also called distribution transformer turn ratio tester, power transformer turn ratio automatic test meter. The old type transformer turn ratio tester use ratio bridge to testing turn ratio of transformer, the testing processing was complicated and narrow of testing rang, which can not fit in with the needs of modern transformer testing, so KRI develop a JYT series transformer turn ratio testers with small volume, light weight, high testing accuracy, stable capability, all JYT transformer turn ratio testers adopt large LCD screen (JYT-F used LCD touch screen), clear and reasonable operation menu, friendly man-tester interaction, turn ratio testing work can be finished in one time only, which is ideal tester for transformer service company, power transformer manufactures, converting substation daily maintenance and distribution substation daily maintenance.

Before turn ratio testing work, please checking and make sure transformer has been power off and grounded discharge, and keep connection line clear, don’t put testing voltage on the part which operator maybe touch.

As testing line connected well, transformer turn ratio tester should be double checked again before power on, especially check the safety distance between high voltage equipment, testing line and ground, operators, to check if the shell of power transformer grounded well, the testing work should be following testing indication during test processing.

As turn ratio testing processing, the transformer turn ratio tester should keep away from strong electric field, strong magnetic field, high frequency equipment, the disturb for tester power should be less.

JYT series transformer turn ratio tester has been appointed tester for many company from both domestic market and international market, including China Grid, National Power, international companies such as ABB, SIEMENS etc.