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  • KRI6691 Transformer Degaussing Analyzer
KRI6691 Transformer Degaussing Analyzer

KRI6691 Transformer Degaussing Analyzer

The KRI6691 transformer degaussing analyzer injects current into the test winding by applying ±90V voltage, and collects the terminal voltage and winding current to draw the hysteresis characteristic curve. Linear quantitative analysis of transformer remanence can be performed, and rapid demagnetization can be achieved by tracking the hysteresis curve.

It can measure the remanence ratio before degaussing and after degaussing. For transformers with three-phase star and angular connections, different degaussing connections can be formed through the internal matrix switch to realize the overall degaussing of the transformer. For different transformers, just enter the voltage level, rated capacity and connection method of the transformer. Its demagnetization speed and effect are obviously better than the DC commutation attenuation method, which makes up for the deficiency of the DC commutation attenuation method.

1. It can detect the initial remanence of the transformer and the remanence after demagnetization (the remanence of the machine
Refers to the percentage of transformer residual flux and saturation flux (remanence (%) = (residual flux/saturation flux) x 100%)
2. The hysteresis loop tracking method is used for demagnetization. Under any remanence state of the transformer, the
The remanence rate after magnetization is less than or equal to 5%, which can effectively eliminate the remanence of the transformer
3. The output voltage is ±90V, and the demagnetization speed is fast (such as 430MW/500kV single-phase transformer demagnetization only takes 5 minutes)
4. The built-in degaussing matrix can complete the degaussing of the entire transformer by one-time wiring of the three-phase transformer, eliminating the tediousness of reversing the line
5. The remanence ratio comparison function before and after the transformer is degaussed, the progress bar indicates the degaussing process, and the complete degaussing record data of the transformer can be stored and printed.
6. The AC220V no-load current comparison function before and after the transformer is degaussed also has a unique function
Independent load AC220V no-load current test function
7. Using touch operation LCD color screen, touch menu operation is simple and convenient
8. Misconnection 380V power protection function, RS485 communication interface, convenient for interconnection with PC, and optional built-in Bluetooth module to realize Bluetooth wireless communication
9. Perpetual calendar and 100 sets of data storage functions, no data loss after shutdown

10. Micro panel printer can print test data and record data