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Accessories and Optional Equipments of Winding Resistance Tester

Normally, the windings can store a large amount of electromagnetic energy in which the current is passed via them during the measurements. When drop the test current, there is a chance of kickback the voltage from winding. By using winding resistance tester, it can absorb the voltage kick and discharge it safely.

There are some standard accessories involved in the winding resistance tester that includes:
1. Ground cable
2. Jumper leads (30ft/ 9m)
3. User manual
4. PC software
5. Test leads (50ft/ 15m)
6. USB cable
7. Tap changer cables
8. RS-232 C cable

Some of the extra optional equipments used in the winding resistance tester are given below:
1. WRT printer paper roll
2. WRT shipping case
3. Specific custom length test leads
4. Specific custom made test clips

5. Highlights of Winding Resistance Tester

JY44 winding resistance tester