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A client ask for JYT-A turn ratio tester

Dear Steven,

Thank you very much from your replying.

This attachment as you replied me is the proforma invoice of turn ratio tester. in our law proforma invoice is not acceptable so in this case please send me the original invoice as well.

Best regards,

Sayed ****
Cus******Technical Director
A***** Customs Department
Ministry of Finance

On Tuesday, April 22, 2014 6:42 PM, Steven wrote:

Hello Mr.Sayed:

I am shocking that the testers did not arrive our customer's hand because there has been nearly one month from our sending!

Attached with the confirmed PI with our customer before order, with our mananger's signature, the price for one JYT-A turn ratio tester is USD*320.00.

If it is not enough, I attaced with another PI for customer from Mexico with similar price for same tester (Only working voltage different).

Please help our customer for custom clearance, thank you!

If anything you need, please let me know or just call me directly by 0086-15097752737.

Best Regards



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Dear Sir or Madam:

We would like to know the price for the following product on behalf of your customer

so kindly we request to send us the price for the following product.


1. TRANSFORMER turns ratio tester 220 V and 50HZ POWER SUPPL

2. We kindly request you to send us the price EXW your company or CIF A**** so that would assist your costumer in clearing his goods from the customs.

Thanking you for you cooperation before If possible please send us one copy of original invoice, packing list and other important documents related too.

Best Regards,

C****** Technical Director
A****n Customs Department
Ministry of Finance