Test method of the switching performance of OLTC​

Test method of the switching performance of OLTC

Power transformer is one of the main equipments in the power supply network, and its working state is related to the operational safety of the entire power supply network. The working state of the OLTC as a moving part of a transformer will directly affect the operational quality of the transformer.

The traditional method for testing the switching performance of OLTC: after the switching part of the OLTC in a transformer is hoisted out and connected with a light oscillograph, turn the transmission mechanism with a handle; when the gunlock is about to release, manually start the light oscillograph; after the OLTC completes switching, stop operation, observe the record result, and judge the working quality of the OLTC.

JYK-I transformer OLTC parameter tester developed by our company uses the brand new test principle and microcomputer, so that site working personnel can test the performance of various transformer OLTCs without need to dismantle transformers and hoist OLTCs; in addition, the transition process waveform and parameters are displayed and printed, thus judging the quality of OLTCs.