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Transformer Testing is very important

Transformer Testing is very important and most people underestimated its importance. Using few testing instruments will cut the risks such as mixing up connection, confusing transformers for metering and protection and it will significantly reduce all the risks from the base itself.

These transformer test instrument is portable and even designed to enclose in a durable case. After a single click, the test report will be easily generated through the screen. There are different types of testing instruments are available in the market that like turn ratio tester, winding resistance tester, transformer oil insulating tester, transformer ground/ earth system tester, transformer performance tester etc.

Manufacturers needs for certain units to attain the needed specifications and end users need to perform proper maintenance procedures to know about the minor faults and its symptoms at its initial stage which can save the failures cost. Manufacturers of transformers, repairing companies, research labs and contract workers will use this tester to satisfying those tests to ensure the quality of the transformers and detect its shortcomings before releasing the product.

At the same time, issues and damages that occurred to the transformer can be easily recognized during shipping itself and can be avoided. Some aging insulation issue can also be detected and eliminated earlier at the initial stages itself. Analyzing and testing of power transformers are very important for all manufacturers and also end users.