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Turn ratio tester Inquiry from client

Dear Mr. Ashrafuddin Ahmed

Thanks for your reply!

Please kindly find attachment for YDQ specification.

The price for two type is listing below:

YDQ 30/100 (DC):  USD***/set  (with control box)

YDQ 50/100 (DC): USD***/set (with control box)

This price will not includ DHL charge because it is too heavy.

The quotation for three equipment in a package:

JYR-10C + JYT-A + YDQ30/100= USD***

JYR-10C + JYT-A + YDQ50/100= USD***

The total price would include delivery charge for YDQ tester, wish have your kindly understanding.

Best Regards



Dear Mr.Steven,

We found that you also manufacture High volt AC  test equipment.

Therefore  please send us offer for high voltage test transformer with control unit.

Please quote both model YDQ 30/100 and 50/100 for comperison purpose and send catalogue.

We want to purchase all three equipment.

Therefore please qutoe all three equipment in a package.

With Best Regards

Dear Mr. Ashrafuddin Ahmed

Thank you so much for your reply!

Yes, JYR-10C can reach your requirement (less than 1 micro ohm to  2 Kohm ), please find technical detail in attachment.

The price is USD***/set , including DHL charge.

Delivery time: 4 days

Best Regards


Dear Mr.Steven,

Thank you for quick response.

We also require 1 no. DC resistance tester ( Model JYR 10C).

Please quote for this item as well.

We want to measure from less than 1 micro ohm to  2 Kohm  with this instrument.

Please  check and confirm that is possible with JYR 10C.

With Best Regards

M.G. Mostafa

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