What's The Details Concerned When Using The Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

Measuring the transformation ratio of a transformer with a transformation ratio bridge has a cumbersome operation process and a narrow measurement range, which is no longer suitable for the fast-paced and high-efficiency requirements of modern measurement. To this end, our company has developed a new generation of automatic variable ratio group tester JYT A transformer turns ratio tester (TTR tester) using modern electronic technology. It is small in size, light in weight, high in precision and good in stability. It adopts large-screen English display, touch-screen menu, simple operation and friendly interface. The transformation ratio group can be measured at one time. This ratio tester is an ideal tester for transformer manufacturers and power industry sectors.

The technical indicators of JYT A transformer turns ratio tester (TTR tester) are as follows:

1. Ratio measurement range: 110000

2. Group: 1-12 points

3. Accuracy: 1-1000 0.2 class 1000-10000 0.5 class

4. Power supply: AC220V ±10%, 50HZ

5. Ambient temperature: -5 40

6. Use ambient humidity: <85%

7. Volume: 400×335×185mm3

8. Weight: 6KGS

Notes on the operation of JYT A transformer turns ratio tester (TTR tester):

1. The power fuse is 2A, inside the power socket. Test insurance is 0.5A. If the test lead is short-circuited and the high and low voltage are reversed, the fuse will be blown. After the fuse is blown, if a measurement is performed, it will stop after displaying "Measuring, please wait!". Please shut down, replace the fuse with the same capacity, and try again.

2. The connection should be kept in good contact. The instrument should be well grounded.

3. The workplace of the instrument should be far away from strong electric field, strong magnetic field and high frequency equipment. The smaller the power supply interference, the better, and the lighting line should be used. If the power supply interference is still large, the instrument can be powered by the AC purification power supply. The capacity of the AC purification power supply can be greater than 200VA.

4. When the instrument is working, if the LCD screen display is disordered, there is no response when pressing all buttons, or the measured value is far from the actual value, please press the reset button, or turn off the power, and then operate again.

5. JYT A transformer turns ratio tester (TTR tester) should be stored in a dry and ventilated place. If it is not used for a long time or the environment is humid, the preheating time should be extended before use to remove moisture.

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