What problems can an inductor capacitance tester solve?

The capacitance inductance tester can measure individual capacitors with groups of parallel capacitors without removing the wire, and can also measure inductance and current; It has the advantages of convenient wiring and simple operation, which greatly reduces the work burden of maintenance personnel, improves the on-site test efficiency, and provides security for the normal operation of the power grid.

JY 6700 capacitance inductance tester can solve the following problems:
On-site measurement of a single capacitor needs to remove the connecting wire, not only the workload is large but also extremely damaged capacitor, and the existence of this instrument can measure the inductance of the reactor, fast and convenient, the measurement results are very accurate and stable, in a large extent convenient for the use of staff.

The capacitance inductance tester we have seen in the past can meet the requirements of automatic tracking and real-time compensation, but under the casting and cutting operation of the capacitor bank, overcurrent and overvoltage impact will be generated, causing capacitor damage. In order to ensure the reliability of the equipment, capacitor defects are detected early and the failure is not expanded, so the equipment must be regularly tested, which is troublesome. The JY 6700 capacitive inductance tester can save everyone a lot less trouble.