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Main Factors Affecting the Operating Life of Transformers

1.Pay attention to the voltage is too high to accelerate the aging of the transformer

For example, the regulations stipulate that the voltage of the transformer in operation must not exceed 5% of the rated voltage. If the voltage is too high, the excitation current of the transformer core will increase, and the core will be saturated, and harmonic flux will be generated, which will increase the loss of the core and overheat the core.

Excessive voltage will also accelerate the aging of the transformer and shorten the service life of the transformer, so the voltage of the transformer during operation should not be too high.
When the insulating material ages to a certain extent, under the action of running vibration and electric power, the insulating material is broken, and the electrical breakdown is prone to failure, resulting in a decrease in the service life of the transformer.

2.Adjust transformer load to achieve the desired life

The insulation temperature inside the transformer is mainly related to the magnitude of the load current under the premise that the voltage is basically constant, that is, the load current is large, the insulation temperature is high, and the load current is small, and the insulation temperature is low.
When the transformer is overloaded during operation or running at rated load in summer, the internal insulation is operated at high temperature, and the life loss of the transformer will be accelerated.
If the transformer is under light load or in winter with rated load operation, its internal insulation operates at low temperatures and the transformer life loss can be slowed down. Therefore, in order to make the transformer load capacity fully utilized throughout the year without affecting the normal service life of the transformer, the monthly load can be appropriately adjusted.

3.Good maintenance helps you get the most out of your life

Everyone knows that in the event of an accident in the transformer, not only the cost of repairs and the downtime is huge, but it takes 6 to 12 months to rewind the coil or rebuild a large power transformer.
Thus, a good maintenance system will help the transformer to achieve maximum service life.

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