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The attention details during taking oil sample for transformer oil breakdown voltage test

1. The transformer oil sample should be representative of the body oil of the equipment, and sampling should be avoided at dead angle where the oil circulation is not sufficient. Sampling valves at the bottom of the device should generally be sampled, and samples can be taken at different sampling locations under special circumstances.

2. transformer oil sampling requires full sealing, that is the sampling connection is reliable and cannot disperse dissolved water and gases in the oil, nor can it be mixed with air (the remaining air in the sampling joint must be drained out), and bubbles must not be generated in the oil during operation.

3, sampling should be carried out on a sunny day. Sampling requires that the syringe core be free to move to avoid negative pressure cavities.

4. Oil samples should be kept away from light.

5, with 500 ~ 1000mL sampling bottles, first with detergent for cleaning, and then rinse with tap water, and finally washed with distilled water, drying, cooling, tightly capped.

6. For transformers, oil switches or other oil-filled electrical equipment, samples should be taken from the lower valve. Before sampling, the oil valve needs to be cleaned with a clean grade A cotton yarn or cloth, and then rinsed with oil.

JY6611 transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester (oil BDV tester)

The voltage regulator uses the electronic inverting positive metaphysics generator, the voltage is accurate, the wave quality is good. Comparing with the traditional voltage regulator, it is not affected by the voltage fluctuation

of the power grid and the distortion of the waveform. The test results are more deterministic and accurate.

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