Five protection functions of DC high voltage generators

DC High Voltage Generator can conduct DC high voltage test on high voltage electrical equipment such as zinc oxide lightning arresters, power cables, transformers, generators, etc. It is a kind of equipment used in some power testing departments such as mining, metallurgy, iron and steel, and electric power. It adopts advanced technology and process manufacturing, the application of new PWM high frequency pulse width modulation technology, pulse train logic array modulation, the use of high-power IGBT devices, and the use of high frequency technology to increase the frequency to 100kHz, so as to achieve higher output high voltage stability, ripple coefficient is smaller.

The voltage and current are displayed digitally, with a voltage resolution of 0.1kV and a current resolution of 0.1ua. The voltage value added to the load sample is displayed directly by the voltmeter on the control box. There is no need to add a voltage divider when using, and the wiring is simple. The instrument has a high and low voltage terminal to measure the leakage current, and the high voltage end adopts a circular shielded digital display meter display. Not afraid of discharge shock, good anti-interference performance, suitable for field use.

The DC High Voltage Generator adds the function of high-precision 75% vdc-1ma, which brings great convenience to the test of zinc oxide lightning arresters. One key without calculation, one key test. There are 75% voltage function keys on the meter control box. During the arrester test, the 0.75 button will be turned on when the current rises to 1000ua. The voltmeter and ammeter now show values of 75% of the data. After that, immediately put the boost knob back to zero and at the same time put the trim voltage knob back to zero, immediately press the green button, cut off the high voltage and turn off the power switch and do other tests.

DC High Voltage Generator has a number of protection functions, such as low voltage overcurrent, low voltage overvoltage, high voltage overcurrent, high voltage overvoltage, zero crossing protection, non-grounding protection and other protection functions, HVDC generator also has a Chinese alarm prompt and voice prompt.

1, the internal load measuring circuit open circuit protection: when the internal load gauge resistor open, the voltage measurement signal line open, the cable terminal contact is poor, if there is no protection, the instrument voltmeter has no indication, but the high voltage end has voltage, which may cause personal injury accidents.

2. Overcurrent protection: When the high-voltage output is short-circuited, the instrument immediately cuts off the output and does not damage the instrument.

3. Overvoltage protection: When the high voltage output exceeds the overvoltage setting, the instrument should immediately automatically cut off the output to ensure that the test object will not be damaged by overvoltage.

4. Zero level protection: The potentiometer should be reset to zero boost to prevent the voltage at the high voltage end and cause damage to the human body and the instrument.

5. Grounding protection: When the DC High Voltage Generator is not grounded or the grounding is poor, the instrument should have a grounding alarm and corresponding prompts, and cannot be boosted to prevent damage to the human body and the high voltage DC generator.