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Quotes of Transformer turns ratio tester and oil insulating tester

Here are the clients' quotes of transformer turn ratio tester and transformer oil insulating tester. They need JYT-A Transformer turns ratio tester,  JYT-A Transformer TTR tester,  JY6611 transformer oil insulating tester.

1. Quantity:1
Product : JY6611 transformer oil insulating tester
Quote: I need oil tester plz send me price of oil tester

JY6611 transformer oil insulating tester

2. Quantity:2
Product : JYT-A Transformer turns ratio tester

Quote: Pls send me your price for two set of JYT_A in CPT Tehran, Iranand CFR BAndar Abbas, Iran

JYT-A Transformer <a href= target='_blank'>turns ratio tester</a>

3. Quantity:1
Product : JYT-A Transformer TTR tester
Quote: pls give me your price for this product

JYT-A Transformer TTR tester

Kingrun instrument company was established in 1999, located in Electric Valley in Baoding city, our main production is measuring instrument for power transformer, distribution transformer and electric power industry, such as turn ratio tester, transformer winding resistance tester, transformer oil insulating tester, TTR testser etc.. KRI is high technology company collects R&D, producing and sales together, and consistently devotes ourselves to studying the advanced measuring device usage for high voltage converting and transmitting. Kingrun has became  regular supplier for international electronic giant such as ABB and SIEMENS, also has been the top supplier for Chinese State Grid group, Daya Bay Nuclear power station, Three Gorges power plant and other middle substations, transformer field.

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