The role and significance of ground grid grounding resistance tester

Ground grid grounding resistance tester(Grounding Down Wire Continuity Tester) is used to test the grounding resistance of large ground grid, usually we use this instrument to test substation ground network, hydrothermal power plant, microwave station, lightning rod grounding resistance.


      Its function is not only the above functions, but also can be used to accurately measure the grounding impedance, grounding resistance, grounding reactance, field surface potential gradient, contact potential difference, contact voltage, step potential difference, step voltage, transfer potential and other grounding characteristic parameters of the software and hardware system. The instrument can be measured without power failure, because the output power, voltage, output current and other aspects of the instrument are more suitable, and the anti-interference force is extremely strong, so it will not cause the potential of the grounding device to be too high during the test.


      In recent years, because many substations in China due to lightning strikes to form expansion accidents, these situations are related to the ground grid grounding resistance is unqualified, the grounding grid plays the role of working grounding and protective grounding, about it must be many people know the importance, if the grounding resistance is too large grounding is easy to issue failure, but if it is other situations will also cause damage to the equipment. In addition, whether the grounding resistance of the grounding system is qualified is also related to the personal safety of the substation operators and substation maintenance personnel, and the importance of the grounding system can be seen through various aspects; However, as the grounding device runs for too long, the grounding device buried in the diagram will corrode, thus affecting the safe operation of the substation, so it is necessary to regularly strengthen the detection of grounding resistance.


        Therefore, the use of grounding resistance tester (Grounding Down Wire Continuity Tester) for testing can avoid many situations, not only to reduce losses, but also to protect the staff, so that the staff can work with more confidence.