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Sampling container selection for transformer oil breakdown voltage test

In high-voltage electrical equipment, a large number of widely used insulating oils, such as transformers, oil circuit breakers, cables, capacitors, transformers, etc. are mostly filled with insulating oil.

In these electrical devices, transformer oil plays a role in enhancing the insulation, cooling or extinguishing the arc in the operation of the transformer. In order to guarantee the quality of the transformer oil, relevant tests must be conducted regularly. JY6611 oil breakdown voltage tester test oil cup made of polymer materials, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, high strength and long service life.

Among them, the electrical strength test of transformer oil is a major content. The sampling of transformer oil in the experiment is an important link. Transformer oil sampling refers to removing a small portion of the transformer oil that needs to be tested for testing purposes. In order to ensure that the sample is not "out of shape", the test personnel must strictly abide by the sampling requirements and carry out this work seriously.

The sampling container for transformer oil should be a wide-mouth colorless glass bottle with a milled plug. Its volume should be selected based on the sample oil volume. The sampling oil volume should generally be not less than 1.2 times that of the test and flush oil, and the electrical strength test. The sampling volume is 1.5Kg. Before formal sampling, the sampling container should be carefully washed with gasoline, soap liquid and other deoiling solvents (such as alcohol, trisodium phosphate, etc.), then rinsed several times with distilled water so that water can flow evenly from the bottle wall. Put the cleaned bottle and stopper into a 105°C incubator and dry it (about 2 hours). After the temperature is reduced, the stopper can be used tightly. Sampling bottles should be tagged with the label, indicating the oil name, source, sampling date, weather, sampling personnel, etc, finally put oil sample into JY6611 oil breakdown voltage tester for test processing.

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