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Transformer Neutral Grounding Resistor to Limit the Current

transformer neutral grounding resistor is one of the most vital type of tool that is a kind of new resistance product that is applied in power system. In addition to this it is connected between the neutral point of the transformer of the power system and the earth. In case of ground fault occurs in the system, the resistor system will limit the fault current and remove the faulty line or issues a fault alarm signal through the transformed current signal. It is done as the system is connected to the resistor; while the insulator of the line and equipment can be avoided and the economic loss can be reduced. 

As far as transformer neutral grounding resistors are concerned, they are the vital earthing systems – taken into use in medium voltage AC distribution network. Some people also search for them by the name of Neutral Earthing Resistors that are taken into use to limit the current – flowing through the neutral point of a transformer or generator in case of earth fault. Such resistors are also required in industrial power systems for resistance grounding of connected generators and transformers. They are also help in control the fault current to a level – sufficient to operate protective relays and prevent unwanted fault damage.

Do you want to choose the best and high-grade testers and resistors for transformer neutral grounding? For electrical engineers and companies that are involved in transformer making and maintenance, different types of testers and resistors required to streamline the process and make everything easier and hassle-free. Depending on your choice and requirement, you can choose high quality and latest transformer neutral grounding resistor according to your requirement and budget.

JYD-10A earthing resistance tester