Want a dry transformer with a longer life? These details must be noted

Dry type transformer is a transformer in which the iron core and the winding are not immersed in the insulating oil. Cooling methods are divided into natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF). Dry-type transformers can operate continuously for a long period of time at rated capacity when naturally air-cooled. When forced air cooling, the transformer output capacity can be increased by 50%. Applicable to intermittent overload operation, or emergency accident overload operation.

Dry transformers should be patrolled and checked frequently during operation. Let's take a look together:

1. Check the sound and temperature of the transformer during operation;

2. Check the appearance of the coil, iron core and sealing wire, whether there is damage or discoloration; dust accumulation and dirt;

3.Regularly test the transformer winding for short circuit and open circuit by transformer winding resistance tester

4. Check whether the air-cooling device, tap-changer and temperature measuring device are normal;

5., must prevent water droplets from dripping on the transformer, should prevent direct sunlight from the coil.

6.Testing transformer ratio regularly by transformer turn ratio tester.

7. The running duty record of the dry type transformer should be made;

Dry-type transformers should be protected from long-term inversion and storage, and should not be subjected to strong impact; avoid rain, moisture, heat, heat or direct sunlight. The cooling vents and surrounding objects should have a distance of not less than 40cm; prevent working in corrosive liquids, or places with more gas, dust, conductive fibers or metal fines, and in places subject to vibration or electromagnetic interference.

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