Why need to test the DC winding resistance of the motor?

DC resistance is an important parameter of the motor windings. It is related to the design of the motor winding, the material of the electromagnetic wire used, the ambient temperature and so on. In the inspection test and type test of the motor, the DC winding resistance test is a must-test item; for the motor manufacturer that regulates the production, the DC winding resistance test will be performed before the motor winding core is dipped, so as to avoid the non-compliance. The product enters the follow-up production process.

Measuring DC resistance is also an important part of motor testing. Through the analysis of the measured resistance value, it is possible to preliminarily determine whether the number of turns, the wire diameter, the number of windings, the wiring method and the wiring quality of the tested motor windings meet the requirements, and whether there is a serious short circuit fault between the winding turns. The DC resistance of the winding is involved in the motor loss calculation and temperature rise calculation, which directly affects the performance evaluation of the motor. Therefore, the test of the DC resistance of the winding should be selected with a higher precision test instrument, and the detection data has higher accuracy.

KRI9310 Handheld winding resistance tester is the first portable transformer DC winding resistance tester in the world, it is a full-automatic and digital portable measuring instrument researched and developed by a number of patented technologies.