Transformer oil testing equipment

The transformer oil breakdown voltage testing is used to carry out daily inspection of the running or standby transformer oil to measure its dielectric strength. The transformer oil breakdown voltage tester indicates the minimum breakdown voltage value when the oil layer breaks down between the two electrodes of the oil tester. The level of breakdown voltage can indicate the amount of moisture and impurities in the oil. Therefore, the higher the dielectric strength, the better.

Kingrun’s full automatic transformer oil breakdown voltage tester(JY6611 transformer oil BDV tester) is designed according to International Electrical Commission(IEC-156:1995) . The system applies microcomputer control, mechanical-electrical integration and full automation, testing accuracy is high, which completely overcomes the problem of the similar product that is easy to be breakdown under high voltage. The system has the function of automatic detection, automatic stirring, automatic handling, automatic printing, data storage, calendar etc and the advantage of electric-mechanic interlocking protection, grounding protection etc. It is also characterized with high testing accuracy, convenient operation, safety and reliability.