110kV/220kV Substation Series Testers

    JY6800 Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester

    • PT signals over 400m, Max.2000m
    • Simultaneous testing of three-phase current / voltage
    • Support wired synchronization and wireless synchronization
    • Built-in high-energy lithium-ion battery
    • Product description:

    Y6800 Zinc Oxide Arrestor hot-line Tester is a special instrument for testing the electrical performance of Zinc Oxide Arrestor. This instrument is suitable for hot-line or power failure detection of various voltage levels of Zinc Oxide Arrestor, so as to find out the dangerous defects such as: dampness of the internal insulation of the equipment and the aging of the valve plate in time.


    1. With 800×480 color LCD touch screen, high-speed thermal printer; graphic display,
    Intuitive interface, easy to operate and use by field personnel
    2. Wireless transmission of PT signal over 400 meters, up to 2000 meters with on-demand configuration
    3. It is suitable for use in places such as lightning arrestor hot-line, power failure or laboratory
    4. Simultaneous testing of three-phase current and three-phase voltage improves work efficiency; supports single-phase testing or two-phase testing at the same time.
    5. Support wired synchronization and wireless synchronization two voltage reference signal sampling methods; also support no voltage mode, find the voltage reference through software calculation
    6. Built-in high-energy lithium-ion battery, especially suitable for occasions without power
    7. Equipped with embedded man-machine interface, support direct shutdown mode; equipped with a USB
    Interface, support U disk to export data

    8. Supporting upper-level management software, with functions such as historical data management, recalculation, data analysis, report printing, etc.

    Y6800 Zinc Oxide Arrestor hot-line Tester Specification:

    220V、50Hz or Internal battery supplement
    Test Range
    Leakage Current
    Test Accuracy
    full current>100μA: ±5% & ±1 byte
    reference voltage signal>30V: ±5% & ±1 byte
    Voltage reference signal sampling method
    Wire synchronization
    40 meters(expandable)
    Wireless synchronization
    >400 meters(expandable)
    Battery parameters
    Charge time
    > 6 hours
    Continuous working time
    > 4 hours
    Discontinuous working time
    > 8 hours