110kV/220kV Substation Series Testers

  • JY6700 Capacitor Inductance Tester
JY6700 Capacitor Inductance Tester

JY6700 Capacitor Inductance Tester

  • With inductance, resistance and current testing functions
  • Has perfect overcurrent protection function
  • Using 8.0" touch screen
  • Built-in large-capacity non-volatile memory
  • Product description:
JY6700 Capacitance Inductance Tester
JY6700 is specially developed for the problems existing in the capacitance value of a single capacitor in a parallel capacitor bank. The instrument has the characteristics of small measurement workload, fast and simple, stable performance, accurate measurement and high fault detection rate.

  • 1. Single capacitor measurement of single-phase or three-phase parallel capacitor bank can be completed without disconnection
  • 2. Instruments with inductance, resistance and current measurement functions
  • 4. Has perfect overcurrent protection function
  • 5. Using 8.0-inch touch screen, easy to operate
  • 6. Built-in large-capacity non-volatile memory, can store 200 sets of data Built-in high-speed micro thermal printer, can print measurement data
  • 7. Built-in high-precision clock, real-time display time
  • 8. The instrument has U disk storage function

Technical Specification

1. Test voltage: AC 25V±10%,50Hz;AC 1.25V±10%,50Hz 25VA

2. Measurement range and accuracy:
    Measurable capacitance range: 0.1uF~6800uF ±(Reading1%+0.01uF)
    Measurable inductance range: 50uH~20H ±(Reading3%+0.01mH)
    Measurable current range: 5mA~20A±(Reading3%+0.1mA)
    Measurable resistance range: 20 mΩ~10 kΩ±(Reading3%+1 mΩ)
3. Overall dimension: 405 mm×330 mm×180 mm
4. Weight of instrument: 8.5Kg (excluding test line)
5. Service conditions
   Ambient temperature: -20℃~40℃
   Ambient humidity: ≤85%RH

   Working power supply: AC220V±10%,50±1Hz