110kV/220kV Substation Series Testers

  • Grounding Down Lead Earth Continuity Tester-JYD
Grounding Down Lead Earth Continuity Tester-JYD

Grounding Down Lead Earth Continuity Tester-JYD

JYD Grounding Down Wire Continuity Tester (10A)
Using advanced power supply technology, it is a highly automated portable tester used to measure the on-resistance value between the grounding down-conductors of various power equipment in the substation.

1. The test current is 10A, 5A, 1A three switches.
Vertical chassis structure, integrated design of test line and instrument, easy to carry and convenient
2. The measuring radius is not less than 50 meters under the 10A gear
Field operation
3. The wireless controller remotely controls the instrument test and receives the test data, which is convenient for on-site use
4. The machine has the function of protection and alarm for input mis-connected AC380V power supply, reducing the damage to the instrument caused by mis-operation
5. The test speed is fast, and the resistance data is displayed in about 3 seconds
6. The instrument has a built-in large-capacity lithium battery pack, which has both AC and DC functions. It has a single quick test mode and a continuous test mode, which is convenient for the test site without AC power (optional)

7. The instrument has functions such as perpetual calendar, 100 sets of data storage, Chinese and English interface switching, printing data, etc., and the data will not be lost when it is turned off, which is convenient for reference.

Technical Specification:

Output current

1A, 3A, 5A, 10A

Min. Resolution

0.001 mΩ

Measuring range

0.8 mΩ-0.8 Ω (10A)
1 mΩ-2Ω (5A) 
5 mΩ-3Ω (3A)
10 mΩ-10Ω (1A)




LCD Screen


1000 recorders


±0.2%+0.002 mΩ 

Working temperature

0~40 °C

Working humidity

<90%RH, no condensation

Power supply

Built-in battery, AC 220V±10V,50Hz±1 Hz

Max. power consumption



300 mm*240 mm*140 mm


Tester :3.8Kg   accessories box :8.5Kg