110kV/220kV Substation Series Testers

  • Contact Resistance Tester(100A) used by ABB,HITACHI,SIEMENS
Contact Resistance Tester(100A) used by ABB,HITACHI,SIEMENS

Contact Resistance Tester(100A) used by ABB,HITACHI,SIEMENS

  • Suitable for Switchgear and HV Circuit Breaker Contact Resiatnce Testing
  • Max.100A Output Current
  • Test range from 0.1 µΩ to 5mΩ
  • Strong Anti-interference Capability
  • Product description: Max.output current can reach to 100A, so it is suitable for contact resistance testing of vacuum,SF6 & Vacuum circuit breaker, disconnect switch and switchgear,transformer bushing,welding joints,bus-b

What is Contact Resistance and the Importance of Measuring Contact Resistance:

As a high current passes through a pair of mechanically independent metallic contacts, the contact resistance must be as low as possible. Increasing the contact resistance of the contact often causes a large voltage drop on the contact, which reduces the input power of the load equipment. If the contact resistance of one or two contacts becomes large, the three-phase voltage of the load equipment will be unbalanced, causing phase loss operation.

If the contact resistance is too large, great heat will be generated, which can make the metal discolor or even melt, damage the insulation layer, cause equipment failure, and even fire of flammable materials.So we need to make regular measurements of the dynamic and static contact resistance of the contacts by Contact Resistance Tester to ensure that the contacts being tested are in good contact.

High contact resistance will lead to equipments burn out.

JYL Circuit breaker contact resistance tester is a new generation of contact resistance tester based on IEEE C57.09-1999(5.15) contact resistance test standard and got ILAC.MAR calibration certification, adopts Kelvin four-wire measurement method, which effectively eliminates the influence of the resistance of the test line on the test results. The tester is just 1.9kgs with built-in rechargeable battery, so it is suitable for site testing work. JYL can satisfy the testing of contact resistance such as high-voltage switchgear, disconnect switch, SF6 & Vacuum circuit breaker, medium voltage CT, transformer bushing joints, GIS cabinet, bus-bar joints, earth leading contact, cable termination connection, welding joints, relay metal contact resistance and so on.

High Voltage Circuit Breaker Contact Resistance Testing:

JYL Contact Resistance Tester Functions:

1. The output current is up to 100A which is suitable for most of the contact resistance items in substation, electric & power industry.

2. Test contact resistance rang:0.1µΩ ~ 5mΩ

3. The continuous test time under 100A current is more than 60s (with total 6 kinds of test time mode to choose from).

4. Strong anti-power frequency interference that can make sure the test precision in high frequency circumstances.

5. JYL has built-in lithium battery(12V/5.2AH), can perform 500 times tests by single charge.

6. Built-in blue tooth communication function(optional).

7. Equipped with highlight 5.6 inch color touch screen, so the tester can be used both indoor and outdoor.

8. With the function of monitoring and protecting the battery power and the temperature of tester.

9. Flash disk interface for exporting data. With data storage function, it can store 100 sets of testing data.

10. With function of automatic shutdown (shutdown without operation exceeding 5 minutes).

11. Tester shell has the function of insulation, anti creep, anti-wind, and anti-sand which is suitable for outdoor testing work.

JYL select series NEC Microprocessor to make sure high testing accuracy

JYL Contact Resistance Tester Technical specification:


JYL Handheld contact resistance tester

Output current



Test range




±(reading*0.5% ± 1μΩ)

Current accuracy

± 5%

Minimum resolution


Output voltage

about 2.0V

Testing Time

Quick/10s / 20s / 30s / 40s / 50s / 60s (optional)

Testing times

>500 times

(100A "quick"mode with 10 mΩ load by one charge)

Resistance of special test cable


Temperature in operation

-20℃ ~40℃

Relative humidity

≤80%, No dew

Volume / Weight

L210mm x W150mm x H70mm / 1.9kg

JYL Contact Resistance Testing Connection (Vacuum Circuit Breaker):

CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE FROM ILAC.MRA(The world's most stringent calibration testing agency)

JYL's Main Application Object Range:

The 3 Most Popular Manufacturers of Contact Resistance Testers in the World:

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