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Common fault of winding and repair method

Winding fault of power transformer normally divided two kind, one is during transformer manufacturing or producing, another is breakout accident during transformer working, for example, because of poor insulating of turns and layer, damage during transformer producing, that cause short-circuit between turn and layer; short distance among main insulation so that cause breakdown among winding or winding discharge to ground; winding group was surged by voltage and short-circuit, cause winding distortion, burned out of insulation, winding line break off,  because protection equipment didn’t work, JYR transformer winding resistance tester and turn ratio tester will help technician and maintenance work to find problem of transformer out with fast speed.

Repairing method for part fault of transformer:

1. Fault caused by over-thin insulation of turn.

This kind of fault should change the winding if possible.

If the transformer is aluminum winding type, can change it to copper line, in that way it can have enough space to satisfy insulation requirement.

2. Fault caused by poor space among main insulation.

Regarding to this fault, we can reinforce insulation strength such as add more insulation boards, enlarge the size of insulation paper circle.

3. Winding line burned out caused by turn and section.

Repairing work on site for this fault is very difficult, normally, we have to take out clip part and pull yoke silicon steel slice out from transformer, remove all insulation section, beak off all connection line, hoist broken winding out and repairing or exchange, and re-assemble according to assembling processing, for middle-size and small size power transformer, we can repairing it on site, but for large size power transformer, we should sent it back to manufacture for repairing.