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The 5 Most Popular Transformer Turn Ratio Testers in The World

Transformer turn ratio test (also known as turns ratio test or TTR test) is a very important test item to ensure the healthy operation of the transformer. The transformer ratio test makes the transformer have the correct ratio of primary to secondary turns. Precise transformer ratio testing can help analyze the performance of the tap changer, determine if the tap changer is in the correct position, determine a winding short circuit or open circuit winding after a transformer failure, incorrect winding connections and other internal transformer faults, and whether the transformer is faulty can run in parallel.

Transformer ratio test currently uses automatic ratio change test equipment to test, compared to the traditional current method and voltage method test method, change ratio tester has a test speed, accurate test results, easy operation, etc. , Now list the five of the most popular transformer turns ratio testers in the world:

1. TTR310E (Brand: Megger USA)

This instrument is a variable ratio tester manufactured by Megger Company. It is characterized by accurate measurement, phase difference and excitation current measurement, remote control test function, and TTR measurement of CT and PT. This instrument is equipped with a large color The screen has a beautiful appearance, but the high price of the TTR310E will allow many users to consider other more economical testers.

2. ATRT-01 S3(Brand: Vanguard )

This instrument is vanguard's fourth-generation instrument, which can be independently tested or controlled by a computer. It can calculate the percentage error of the ratio, can display the polarity and phase angle of the winding, and can also display the excitation current, but the LCD display seems to be some outdated, the process is a bit tedious when used with a keyboard.

3. JYT (Brand:Kingrun China)

JYT F transformer turns ratio tester (TTR tester) This instrument is a new generation of Kingrun's products. It adopts a microprocessor motherboard design, has excitation current test function, and the test is rapid (three-phase ratio test is completed within 8 seconds), and the test is accurate (according to IEC electrical standards), with a neutral The point test function is suitable for the factory inspection of the transformer factory. It is suitable for transformers to 1000KV transformers, CT and PT measurements, and is equipped with a multi-functional color touch LCD display. The operation is simple and intuitive, and the price is relatively economical.

4. TRT03A(Brand: DV power Sweden)

This instrument has a single-phase, three-phase test function, test accuracy, phase angle test function, USB interface, you can use their own development of DV-Win software for data comparison analysis.

5. VTRM(Brand: VEER India)

This instrument is the VEER company's automatic ratio tester with over-current protection function, can store 200 sets of test data, the appearance of lightweight and beautiful, precision and measurement range and the above four instruments are not a small gap, but the low price It will be very attractive to customers.

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