What is the primary explosion and secondary explosion of the transformer?

Primary explosion

Short circuits or arcs occur in transformers and oil-filled high-voltage equipment. High temperatures and arcing can cause thermal decomposition of oil and produce a large amount of hydrocarbon mixed gas.

Secondary explosion

The insulating oil leaks from the transformer and ignites, and a pool fire occurs; the gas electrolyte product and the oil mist leak and the air mix, and a secondary explosion occurs after being ignited.

Therefore, the transformer needs to be tested and maintained regularly. Through the transformer turn ratio test, transformer winding resistance test, insulation test and transformer oil breakdown voltage test, the fault point of the transformer is predicted and diagnosed in advance, and the corresponding maintenance and repair of the transformer is prevented according to the test result to prevent transformer has a major accident.

Kingrun series transformer turn ratio tester (transformer TTR tester) and transformer winding resistance tester will supply stable and precise test result that will give maintenance engineer technical reference so that diagnosis transformer failure accurately.