Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

  • Turns Ratio Tester (JYT-B)  ---Kingrun Instrument
Turns Ratio Tester (JYT-B)  ---Kingrun Instrument

Turns Ratio Tester (JYT-B) ---Kingrun Instrument

  • Can test neutral point by 8 test poles
  • Following IEC International Standard by 0.1% Acurracy
  • 6kgs Only and Easy Carrying
  • Minimum resolution:0.0001
  • Product description: JYT-B turn ratio tester is designed for special transformer testing. It can be used for three-phase transformer testing, especially for Z-type transformers, rectifier transformers, Scott, reverse Scot

The instrument is designed for special transformer testing. It can be used for three-phase transformer testing, especially for Z-type transformers, rectifier transformers, Scott, reverse Scott, and balanced transformers.It is an ideal transformer ratio test instrument for power systems, transformer manufacturers and railway systems.

The Scott transformer, also known as Scott's transformer, is a special transformer design used to convert three-phase power into two independent single-phase power sources. It is commonly employed in industrial and power systems, especially in situations where there is a need to supply two-phase loads.

In terms of applications, one of the primary purposes of the Scott transformer is to convert three-phase power into two single-phase power sources, catering to devices and systems that require single-phase power. This is particularly useful in certain specialized configurations of power systems.

Regarding the use of a turns ratio tester for Scott transformers, there are specific requirements. The turns ratio tester is utilized to measure the turns ratio of a transformer, which is the ratio of input to output voltage. For Scott transformers, owing to their unique design, the tester needs to accurately measure the turns ratio of the two independent single-phase outputs. Additionally, the tester must support the connection methods specific to Scott transformers to ensure precise and reliable test results. The JYT-B turns ratio tester is designed specifically for transformers like Scott transformers, meeting their unique connection and measurement requirements.


1. The interface adopts intelligent touch mode, which is simple and convenient to operate. The circuit adopts a new generation of all-digital scheme to ensure the long-term stability of the instrument.

2.The instrument can optionally be powered by a built-in battery, so there is no need for an external AC power source for testing.

3.Internally generates three-phase, two-phase, or single-phase test power supply with stable amplitude and constant phase.

4.It can test CT, PT, CVT and Z-type transformers, rectifiers, Scott, reverse Scott and other transformers.

5.It is not affected by the internal wiring mode of the transformer, and directly measures the transformer ratio and phase difference on the high and low voltage sides of the transformer.

6.The test results are not affected by fluctuations in the frequency and amplitude of the operating power supply, and can be powered by generators.

7.No power-off clock and date display, 200 sets of data can be saved in the machine, and the power-down data will not be lost.

8.Large color LCD display, data is clear and easy to read, RS485 communication interface and U disk storage interface..

9.The instrument has the function of high and low voltage reverse connection protection, with transformer short circuit, inter-turn short circuit protection function, and power misconnection 380V protection function.

10.Bluetooth communication function(optional).

Power supply

JYT-B provides two power supply modes, AC model uses AC100~240V 50/60HZ, DC model has built-in lithium battery.

JYT-B Transformer Turns Ratio Testing Connection:

JYT-B Specification:

Display digits

Four and half digits

Output line voltage

160V max

Test Range










±0.2 degrees


Turns ratio



0.01 degrees

Working power supply


16.8V/7.8AH lithium battery

Test data storage

200 groups

Operating temperature


Relative humidity

≤ 80%, non-condensing


285 mm*218 mm*158 mm

Net weight


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