Partial Discharge Tester

  • GTPD-8C partial discharge analyzer
GTPD-8C partial discharge analyzer

GTPD-8C partial discharge analyzer

  • 8 channels sample data independently
  • Phase analysis
  • Anti- jamming
  • analyze the frequency spectrum
  • Product description: The new generation of GTPD-8C partial discharge analyzer can analysis and diagnose the partial discharge of high voltage electrical equipment and special equipment synthetically.

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The new generation of GTPD-8C partial discharge analyzer can analysis and diagnose the partial discharge of  high  voltage   electrical equipment and special equipment synthetically. It can complete communication detection, DC detection, locating and other functions by selecting the different detecting module and PD analysis methods. It has 8 independent channels with the 20MHz and width, maximum sampling rate of each synchronization channel is 80MS/s. It was designed by 3D overall technology, with the compact structure, beautiful appearance and high reliability, it can meet the highest level of electromagnetic compatibility requirements of power system.

The instrument has the strong ability of comprehensive analysis of partial discharge and the strong ability of detecting partial discharge through week signal in strong interference environment. Powerful software system not only can show the most simple interface mode of operation to the operator, but also provides a variety of analytical methods including time domain analysis, statistical analysis, PRPS, PRPD, N-Φ,Q-Φ,Q-Φ -T of single pulse. The instrument adopts intelligent recognition algorithm to automatically identify the discharge signal and judge type of discharge. It has powerful locating function to determines the discharge position, discharge displacement and other parameters automatically by marking the discharge point in three-dimensional space. With the unique trend map display mode, it can realize the current voltage and discharge quantity value synchronous to be displayed in the same interface through the external synchronization, complete statistics on the relationship between discharge quantity and discharge voltage value.

The channel bandwidth up to 20MHz and the sampling rate of 80MHz enable the instrument to analyze the discharge frequency domain which is not covered by IEC60270 standard. Time-domain discharge pulse has high fidelity, so it can analyze the discharge pulse in time-domain in real time to enhance the accuracyof partial discharge signal recognition. It can be directly used with broadband sensors such as HFCT, ultrasonic sensor, TEV sensor and UHF sensor (UHF processing module is needed) to further analyze and locate the partial discharge fault of the equipment under live condition.

Functions and Feature

1. Partial discharge detecting: 8 channels sample data independently (not channel convertible), synchronous signal sampling, 8 window displaying PD test results separately.

2. Various kinds of anti-interference measures in field: filter anti- jamming, software antenna gating anti-jamming, software static anti- jamming, dynamic anti-jamming, frequency-domain anti-jamming and intelligent identification anti-jamming and other anti-jamming functions. Flexible combination of various anti-jamming measures can effectively reduce the impact of interference on the measurement results, and facilitate accurate in complex environments. It is sure to measure accurately.

3. Various kinds of analysis functions: With phase analysis, the software can check and analyze a certain phase waveform. The window can be enlarged and narrowed at will. It can also analyze the frequency spectrum of the data, analyze the frequency content of the discharge waveform, make the discharge waveform more comparable, analyze the test data comprehensively, and reduce the unstable factors in the test to affect on the test result.

4. Form test report automatically: Automatically or manually record and save test data and transient discharge waveform to form test report supplying data analysis for reference.

5. Displayer: High-resolution touch screen, it is convenient for field operation.

6. Portable and mobile: It is suit for mobile use in complex test field.

Technical Data:



Measurement channel

8 channels

sampling rate


Measurement band

3dB bandwidth 10kHz20MHz

Programmable filter step

Coverage of IEC60270 standards

Testing Sensitivity


Sampling accuracy


Measurement range


Non-linear error for current range


Scale change


Measurable device electric capacity


Digital filtering

10kHz1MHz choose freely

Frequency range for testing



Anti-striking voltage ability

5000V, each input and power port(plus, minus, AC)

Power supply

alternating current AC 220V;Frequency 50Hz;

Power 300W