Partial Discharge Tester

  • GTPD-3 handheld partial discharge detector
  • GTPD-3 handheld partial discharge detector
GTPD-3 handheld partial discharge detectorGTPD-3 handheld partial discharge detector

GTPD-3 handheld partial discharge detector

  • Camera and laser detector
  • Embedded GPS receiver
  • Ultrasonic&audible sound signal
  • Temperature and humidity detectable
  • Product description: GTPD-3 handheld Patrol Ultrasonic partial discharge detector (partial discharge tester,partial discharge analyzer) is a detection device which can diagnose hidden trouble of power line by collecting a

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First of all, let's understand what is a partial discharge.

According to the definition of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 60270, partial discharge (PD) is a localized electrical discharge that only partially bridges the insulation between conductors and which may or may not occur adjacent to a conductor.

The harm of partial discharge to insulation includes the following aspects:

1. Charged particles (electrons, ions, etc.) impacting on insulation and destroying its molecular structure, which results in insulation damage;

2. Because of the impact of charged ions, the partial temperature of insulation rises, which easily leads to insulation overheating and carbonization in serious cases;

3. The continuous development of partial discharge will lead to insulation deterioration. The damage gradually enlarges, and ultimately shortens the normal life of insulation, reduces the short-term insulation strength, and may even cause the whole insulation to break down.

The fault detection of high-voltage transmission lines and distribution systems is a big challenge for insulation maintenance personnel. The main problem is the corona phenomenon. When the electric field strength ionizes the air molecules around the insulator, a chemical reaction will occur, which will corrode metal parts and weaken the ability of the insulating compound. The high energy produced by the corona discharge will cause serious damage to the line accessories, and serious fire and explosion phenomena can occur.

The application of traditional infrared imaging technology can find hot spots that cannot be detected by the naked eye. However, corona, arc, electric tracking and other phenomena are not necessarily accompanied by obvious heating, and the high temperature of the environment will also cover these phenomena, and control the equipment in the cabinet. It cannot be found with an infrared camera. However, these phenomena will produce obvious ultrasonic noise, which can be detected by the ultrasonic partial discharge detector. The ultrasonic inspection system completes the insulation inspection work, allowing humans to detect the sound of insulators, wire sleeves, transformers, end sleeves, lightning rods and other faults.

GTPD-3 handheld Patrol Ultrasonic partial discharge detector brief introduction:

GTPD-3 partial discharge detector is a detection device which can diagnose hidden trouble of power line by collecting and analyzing the abnormal ultrasonic signal of power line. It is also suitable for partial discharge detection of insulator, cable terminal, high voltage bushing, CT\ PT, lightning arrester, switch, etc. This device realizes the location and type of fault hidden danger with the power line and equipment in live state.

Functions and Feature

1. Portable design, small size, light weight, easy to carry. It can be working on vehicles with a speed of 30km/h.

2. It is easy to locate, focus and take photos on the fault of the equipment through camera and laser detector,

3. The screen of GTPD-3 partial discharge detector is a color touch type, which can display waveforms, dB values, temperature, humidity and GPS information.

4. The detected abnormal ultrasonic signal can be converted into audible sound signal and waveform output.

5. Embedded GPS receiver automatically stores coordinate data and provides GPS navigation function to facilitate inquiry and preservation of detection paths.

6. GTPD-3 partial discharge detector has the function of detecting temperature and humidity, and can detect temperature and humidity in real time.

7. With data storage function, data playback can be realized.

8. High sensitivity, directivity , it can locate the fault accurately.

9. GTPD-3 partial discharge detector is suitable for noise environment and is not affected by environmental noise.

10.Early detection of faults can be detected prior to other detection methods such as infrared detection.

11. By the non-contact live detection method, detection distance of partial discharge detector can reach to more than 30 meters, safe and reliable, without affecting the normal operation of equipment.

Technology specification of GTPD-3 Partial discharge detector:

Operation System

WINCE6.0, CPU 533MHz


300 thousand pixel HD camera


256MB DDR2,

1GB Nand Flash


GPS, Temperature and humidity sensors, High brightness laser pointer


4.3 Inches true color touch LCD, resolution: 480×272

Storage function

GPS coordinate data, time/Date, Temperature/humidity



Series port, earphone

Central Frequency


Ambient Temperature


Relative humidity